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  1. 1. Strip Boons. 2. Crowd Control. 3. Bomb. Rinse, repeat. Rinse and repeat infinitum. What I'm seeing is some commanders using 25 people vs 60, and then expect to win. Then I really begin to wonder whose having more fun. I lose interest after hitting my head against the wall 15 times that way. Some groups are willing to pair down, but then 1/2 their team get tired of waiting to do something. Then it just turns from WvW into GvG, and then everyone gets left out of the fight that isn't in a "guild."
  2. No, I see burning damage does far more damage than bleeding per second by a longshot.
  3. Nah, what i'm saying is between two classes, as a narrative, when all things are equal for Condition...one class for some reason does a whole bunch more damage than the other class. I do firmly believe that has something to do with Anet's programming of damage between the different classes. If you have the same runes, same sigils, barring skills themselves...why would one class do an outragous amount more damage than another class. I'm saying that the condition for Burning makes no sense between say Heavy, Medium and or Light classes. The class itself should NOT determine the amount of dam
  4. A pull? Yes. A pull. That also takes into effect that you have a boonstrip to take off their permanant stability? No pull, if they have stability. And in order to take their stability, your going to need a boonstrip. Boons = stability = no pulls = need boonstrip.
  5. Nah, i'm calling out Anet for shennanigans. I don't think their #'s add up. No, I think the programming damage between the different classes is a real thing, and I don't believe they're looking at it.
  6. Shutup. You had me at 9:00 =^o.o^= Riverdance golems.
  7. I have not seen tier manipulation in six years. Six years ago, yah I saw tier manipulation...if you considered it tier manipulation. Two servers working purposely 2 vs 1 every single time vs. specific servers. No rule against it. Literally. 3 seperate teams? Nothing says 2 vs. 1 is against the rules. That's not manipulation. That's building an alliance against some group you really don't like. You all know how that works out. So tier manipulation? Is that what its called?
  8. You can have a high population server. That does not translate to a high population server that will play WvW. Right now if your not linked it's because you have too many WvW active players on your server, more so than the other servers. Consider that a blessing. Give you an idea of one of Anet's worst WvW mistakes for North America. We started losing a lot of WvW players, and because of that, they started to link servers to fill that population. However most of these linked servers weren't always equal early on. One server link put two of the top servers together. Jade Quarry and Blac
  9. Blackgate currently does not have that problem because originally they recruited heavily from European and SEA time zones. In fact I doubt Blackgate is a purely North American server any longer. They have a large caseload of both EU and SEA players, so they are able to fill more Timezones than the majority of OTHER North American servers. That's their own fault, and they are paying a slight price for that. Some of their SEA and European players, are now unable to find "content" after majority of NA is in bed. Like I said, that's their own fault. They shot themselves in the foot with thei
  10. Markbecks this goes back to year one, where we had team members who purposely used to report our location to enemy teams. They also purposely would siege cap us, where we could only build one type of siege so many times on a single map. They would build 50 rams....and then we couldn't build rams anywhere else on the map. Same with catapults, or arrowcarts. Anet basically at one point said, unoffocially that spies are part and parcel of the wvw experience, and that they were not going to deal with any player that actively worked against their own team. I feel your pain. But if
  11. Well Sweetpotato, the problem occurs when the server in question has guilds that purposely recruited people within their particular time zone. If a guy on east coast recruits, he's probably recruiting people that are awake in his time zone. I'm west coast, but most of my guild was East coast. As I was logging in, they were logging out. That's something you will be unable to fix. You're just going to have to recruit people that are awake in your time zone. Or if you're having problems not finding "content", then your opponents will have to recruit people that are in your time zone. Good
  12. You can roam on any server. As long as your with friends, doesn't matter what server. Long as your doing what you like doing with somebody to share the experience with.
  13. I want to know why a Firebrand puts down a stack of 2 fire, that i take 18,000 dmg per second, and when i put 2 stacks of fire down with a Ranger and i'm putting out...600 dmg per second? Even with Fire runes of some sort? What gives? Say you got two different classes, with same runes, and sigils lets say.....and both classes have the same stack of Fire...for some reason Firebrand vs....whatever other class, the Firebrand fire condition does + extra dmg. Sigils are the same. Runes are the same. # of stacks are the same. But the damage is unequal as all hell.
  14. The idea of EU and NA servers was that some servers were European, and some were North American. I personally don't believe that Blackgate should even be considered a NA server anymore. They recruited heavily from Europe, and Oceanic. But hey, any of us could have recruited American or European players from anywhere in the world to fill in those needed time zones. What I do NOT care for, is the continuous farming without capping. I consider that an insult. When I watch Blackgate decide their gonna farm us over and over and arn't even going to bother to cap, I leave. And I tell
  15. The inability of any Guild or group to shut me out, because my "rank" was too low. Like Hall of Heroes in GW1. Hated Hall of Heroes in GW1..."you must be rank 6 to be part of our group" You couldn't get to rank 6 because you had to already be ranked...and you couldn't get rank unless you were in with the groups. You can run with groups, without having to be part of the group. So, all those hidden tag groups doesn't mean nothing. You can just run right beside them, and they couldn't stop you. Unlike PvP where they can get very exclusive on who they want to party up with in spvp.
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