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  1. When your in downed state in water, you are considered "crippled", and your given a speed reduction. What I witnessed a couple days ago were certain individuals in downed state that did not have this "cripple" effect while underwater and in a downed state. I need to see if anyone else has seen this effect, and if's possibly this specific infusion which allowed the effect to occur. Normal swim speed in a downed state, as far as I've read, this is not supposed to be possible. But I and several others have witnessed something that deters from this fact.
  2. Soulbeast can "merge" with their pet, and you can add additional skill set to use in combat. Or you can stow the pet, if you don't even want that option. Either/or, soulbeast does have options beyond having your pet run around now.
  3. Well if their able to move at "normal" speed in downed state in water, due to an infusion...I would like to know, cause it looked like there's a few people that have been in downed state lately that are able to swim as if their not in downed state, when they are in downed state. It looks kinda hinky.
  4. Just as the title says, can Swim Speed Infusions +10 Stack? Does this infusion also allow downed players to move through water at normal and/or above speed of a downed player? Because today I seen some things for downed players in water combat that should not be possible, and I also seen higher than normal speed of players beyond that of teleporting or shadowstepping within water.
  5. Actually I like the no downed state. I would also like to see No White Swords Wintersday, where you have to have a live player watching locations. 😛
  6. Never heard of this. Never seen it. And if it's true, it's been a very closely guarded secret that hasn't been shared with any of the Ranger's I know that I'm on a first name basis with. If it works, fantastic. About time Ranger's get some mega-hits in.
  7. If you ever want to learn the old tricks of Sword/Dagger for ranger, you can hit me up in game, and I could show you what it was originally all about. Suffice to say it was a juke/dodge/dance around the target sort of build. Although Anet did revamp the Sword on ranger for main-hand weapon. So not to sure how much juke/dodge they left for it. Used to teach Ranger's how to maneuver on an enemy using Sword/Dagger because it used to mess people up, and a lot of people didn't understand it, like it, or use it. But I was quite good at it 🙂
  8. Tell the truth. The whole "Vulnerability" condi we have for rapidfire, could use some improvement. "% amount of damage actually caused to enemy...." It's absolutely useless. I hit up to 10 stacks of that on an enemy with rapidfire...and it does nothing, absolutely nothing. And when I say nothing, i'm not seeing bigger numbers in the damage department, especially when it's on a player that's tanked. And if their built for tank, then I don't see + extra % damage to no one. I stack a simple single condi on enemy, and it does nothing. It's the most worthless condi I have, and it's the only
  9. You have XP in PvE mode, and you have WxP for WvW mode. So you gain WxP from enemy kills, capturing Camps, Towers, Garrisons/Keeps, and completing certain map Events. So your gaining WxP and when that maxes, you gain a Rank. And you gain Mastery points as you rank up. Get so many points and you spend it in WvW Attributes, like Siege use, or gliding, or Warclaw Mount. Never forget to be spending them points. The bonuses do help you, and by helping yourself, your also helping your team. And the Reward tracks are very very helpful. Especially if you want to gear up with exotic armor, or ge
  10. I'd tell the the poster of this thread to play a Ranger and then get back to me about nerfs. Otherwise I'd say against certain players I win 50% of the time and I lose 50% of the time. And the thieves and Deadeyes are always experimenting on either a two or three shot and your downed build. So I don't want to hear anything about nerfs towards Rangers, when they keep finding builds that allows them to perma-Basilisk an enemy into the ground, or fire 2 or 3 shots and your downed state without even the ability to see your stealthed body or have reaction time in order to evade such an attack.
  11. Fight mobility with mobility. Shortbow, Sword/Dagger, Hound/Wolf. Shortbow for pushing back, Sword/Dagger for the extra dodges, Hound to root the enemy, Wolf to fear them. You can easily stay alive against a thief, maybe a few ele's. Can't say it'll work against a condi Mesmer because you'll take damage for moving from torment, or using skills when your hit up with Confusion. But I used to not be able to catch Thieves, and most thieves were unable to catch me, even if they had Basilisk Venom. Most OP thieves would count to three before the attack, so i'd count to 2 and hit one of the skil
  12. Thief takes the #1 spot for mobility and ability to get away. However the Ranger, most people do not know has quite a few dodge abilities. Running with Shortbow and Sword/Dagger you can really shimmy all over the place, in small confined area. Add your regular dodges in, Hound/Wolf pets. And you can pretty much dance circles around most enemies. If you can keep your stability up if you have any.
  13. Still want bug swarms. Hard to kill, they just reswarm and causes an AoE dmg effect to nearby enemies. I am so going to Sic a bee hive on you. Probably be better at surviving WvW zergs.
  14. I don't think I have ever used Warhorn on Ranger, mostly because for PvP and WvW, it'll get you killed in either roaming or group fight. Bonuses are negligible and laughable. Even more so since power creep set in, allowing most of the effects to be washed off in less than a second by the other condi clears and stunbreaks that the enemy is running massively in.
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