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  1. The website to preorder is broken and unusable. https://imgur.com/fXogH0F [img]https://i.imgur.com/fXogH0F.png[/img]
  2. I've been commenting on this sine release and it all comes down to the same problem: Lowering the number of expected players per run of the event from 125-150 to 50 hard cap without changing the mechanics significantly does not work. They can either find a way to increase the cap (preferably by making it a proper world boss on the actual map) or they can redesign things so the event is not so susceptible to technical issues such as empty platforms due to having the exact mimumum number of people needed to complete as the maximum number who can participate as well.
  3. Just make it an actual worldbosss on the actual Lornar's Pass map. Many of the organizational and technical issues brought about by the current iteration will be solved if it's not instance based. Almost every single issue that has been brought up is a consequence of one thing: the 50 person squad limit, for an event that is just barely exactly doable with 50 people as currently implemented.
  4. My point is again that a large part of the issues here aren't even player quality, just empty platforms.
  5. It doesn't need a nerf. It does need mechanical cleanup. Players can't pick platforms and having the entire event rendered pointless due to RNG placement of players into separate arenas is not ok. The game should guarantee that it's possible to succeed if you play well, not fail you immediately because it happens to have left a required platform empty, which is completely outside of player control. The fact that public instances work so much better just due to maybe 20 extra players demonstrates the issue. As soon as there is a reasonable guarantee that every platform will be fille
  6. The event is barely doable currently as a private group. After the community isn't all focused on doing it as the new thing, it's going to be virtually impossible to do outside dedicated groups if the public is removed. With exactly 50 people it's too likely to have an empty platform and automatically fail the event.
  7. Just disable mounts in the area of the event. It's not hard and they do it all the time if mounts would break something. That being said, I don't actually see them being a huge problem. You aren't going to be mounting up in lane or on the platforms, so at most it's a very small damage bump right at the start of the event, and lets you get between lanes quickly which I don't see as a bad thing if a lane is having trouble.
  8. No the solution is to not make this based on the squad system, or set up a way for multiple squads in one instance. Or just put it back in Lornar's Pass to remove the squad limit issues. This is an issue of their own creation due to a poor choice of implementation. Either they can fix the content to work with the implementation, or the implementation to work with the content. Blaming the players for the kinds of issues that we are seeing is apologist. The players don't get to pick which platforms they go to. The players can organize into squads but as we are seeing even that is unc
  9. I am all for difficulty, but there is legitimate (where it's about you learning it and being better) and illegitimate difficulty (where there is an inherent systems issue you have to fight or get lucky with to win). At at least 3 people per platform and a safety to prevent empty platforms, this is fine and wouldn't need any changes. As it stands it's too easy for a platform to be empty, or solo (try constantly attacking from behind with only 1 person) and scrub the run through no one's fault. Really they should have put this back on Lornar's Pass as proper world boss with full map
  10. I agree that the actual difficulty is good. The issues are exactly things like completely empty platforms due to poor adjustments for player count. It shouldn't be possible to have an empty platform or a 1 person platform. I think it should be 3 per platform minumum, so that healing classes don't get excluded from the event entirely. Right now druids simply can't do the event as it's an instant fail if they end up alone on a platform. A lot of the issues would be less to nonexistent if this were a proper world boss on Lornar's Pass instead of having these instance restricted player
  11. And there is another issue. The event is badly signposted due to not being a real world boss. A lot of people aren't even sure where to LFG for it.
  12. You've clearly had some bad experiences, but that is not happening in general. What we are having though is a lot of frustration, as the event was not properly redesigned to deal with the lowered player cap, making it very hard to organize and causing a lot of uncontrolled fails. This is creating some frustration, but I have yet to see what you are describing.
  13. With a full map worth of people. Even with the power creep and the reduced health, the extreme reduction in the number of players in most attempts (probably 150ish per try back in S1 down to hard cap of 50 for private and ~70ish for public) means a number of the mechanics, such as splitting players across platforms, do not scale well. In particular, if you end up with a platform with all the straight healers in a group on it, it can instantly fail, which is causing some classes to be unplayable in the content (ie druids). In many runs, you fail simply due to one platform being empt
  14. The event is almost undoable as a private instance. It requires EXACTLY 50 people, with perfect coordination. After this week this effectively becomes dead content, as it will be impossible to do with a private group once the whole community isn't running it. It needed to be a standard worldboss, so it was on a regular schedule and had many many more people participating. This fight originally released with Triple Trouble and needs to work the same way. What appears to have happened is that only the bare minimum needed to adjust this to lower player numbers was done. It still reall
  15. The encounter is barely doable with EXACTLY 50 people, all perfectly understanding what is going on. If even 1 person in the entire group has any problem at all, the entire run is over.
  16. I think this would work better as a proper world boss on the actual map. The limitations of squad size to 50 cause this to go badly. Run it like drytop, as a full map meta. There isn't anything in the location it uses right now anyway but a POI.
  17. The principle issue seems to be you need to have EXACTLY 50 or you end up with some platforms with no one or only 1 person. Also two per platform seems to be insufficient; it's too easy for one platform to have trouble and sink the entire attempt. I think we need to have this adapt to player numbers and needs to to have a higher player cap.
  18. Just because something was true years ago does not make it true anymore.
  19. I have a separate problem in addition to the bug: I have 0 bound to C on my keyboard for years. hitting C will activate my 0 skill, not the skimmer, even if this was working.
  20. This is not something ANet can do anything about. Steam won't let them. If they are on steam, this has to happen. All MMOs on steam have the same thing.
  21. First, in general the entire game is now horribly balky. 2-3s freezes are happening every minute or so, map loading is VERY slow (4-5min). Secondly there are multiple bugs in the quest for the new skimmer mastery. Several events freeze up, several NPCs just won't talk once their events are done, and several events don';t scale so it can take many many tries to actually hit the minimum dps to complete them as the number of players doing the is so high you can't get in a hit before it's over. Shop is broken. Constantly receiving error messages concerning the login servers.
  22. Season 1 needs top be put in the story journal where it is supposed to go, not this way. The awkward way this is incorporated is not only not fixing up the story journal, it's off in the side where people won't even notice it later on.
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