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  1. Yes, this will save Gw2 & bring back players to it's fold. Caugh..(sarcasm)
  2. I already all told you.. there's no gawdamn difference. It's call potatoes now & it's still potatoes then.. Now sit down & eat your potatoes & like it!
  3. Cuz at this point unless you haven't noticed, no one cares anymore. & trying to band-aid it with nostalgia instead of dealing with the real issues is just going to get under ppl skin.
  4. Would you be willing to start a new Official Q and A section in the forums? To answer some of those 'unanswered questions'?naaaa, were done.. It's fine.. We stop playing & getting over it.
  5. What is the difference between a season and a saga ?None! Just changed the name for one to the other. Means the same thing. It's just fat butter to make it look like some big new news. But it's really not.
  6. Gimmick only good in that particular map But no where else.
  7. I think you din't pay attention to the steam. Over Hyped for a month for news that usually are posted on the forum . But they had to showcase it by renting a theater for it... Making everyone believe that something BIG was coming. Getting hopes up! When it's mostly stuff we already expected. Finishing the stream with * on our last big news. Looking for more money $$$ on saling merchandise (Funko mini's, yoga pant's, mouse mats). You expect Reaction to be positive? Really? Yoga pants, must have them.... Really? Seriously, this feels like a last money making hoorah from Anet for a going out of business fire sale where everything is 50% off & must go.Look at the signs.*layoffs No real updatesNo real long term or replayable content More focus on Gem store sales items50% sales & HoT free to playNo communication or plans layout to the community. All this giving me the impression there is no real future plans except for squeezing the lemon as much as possible before they drop the big news. (Prediction: Automating the game.) I bet it will start with in the next 6 to 8 month where they will be announcing that they will be automating Spvp & WvW. One after the other no particular order. Followed by finishing the saga & automating PVE before the next batch of layoffs & making the game fully free to play. Where they will be no longer any content added except for Gem store skins & items. They know they can't compete with the next western mmo's titles that will be coming out with out coming with there own new game. & that takes lots of money at this point.
  8. Any new game modes or else will not save pvp at the state it is. It would only be a short term band aid. The pvp game need's a full on rehall. Been said for years. It need's to be trash so it can be rebuilded from scratch with a new fresh perspective. Nothing else will save this game mode. Nore WvW.
  9. When launched, it was not sold to me as a only pve focus game. This was a PvP guild wars focus MMO. What the kitten?Same thing happen to WoW. The company bow down the pve casual's & removed anything remotely competitive or considered to hard.Bringing back the WoW classic at it's original pvp open world core even with the broken stuff is actually the best idea. Why, cuz it get's your blood boiling.Only the fluff casual's don't enjoy this type. Except the ones liking competitive play is the majority.
  10. You think the PVE casual's will keep Gw2 alive with out us pvp'ers & WvW'ers? Plz do it! I double dare you.
  11. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I'll have to restructure my little shelf of those First you need to get the mouse pad so that you can yoga pants Gw2 style & funko them mini's. Then you can restructure your life.
  12. You all need to chill out & focus on the real content. Buying Funko mini's. It's fun.
  13. why did all of you have such high expectations for the aug 30th announcement? Becuz they over hyped it for the last few weeks. & all the fluffy sheeps believe them yet again...
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