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  1. Hardstuck guild operates in both NA and EU. They are extremely helpful. If you sign into their discord, you can just watch for an LFG or post there and you should be able to get a group that can carry you (if necessary). https://hardstuck.gg/
  2. If you need tomes, just do some PvP. I've got over 500 stockpiled and I only play about every 4th or 5th season. As for shards... I get about 99% from levelling and I usually forget to use boosters and food. Last time I checked, I had over 13000. If you're running out of shards constantly, I'm guessing you either aren't playing enough PvE (I find it fastest for XP) or you're doing way too much stat swapping. If you need shards... Pick a toon and a build, stick with it and do map completion in some zones with Food, Utility and any boosters/banners you can find. If you have Bl
  3. Appreciate trying to find solutions, but... There are so many reasons to be on the map other than the meta: Ah, there's my next story step! *yoink* WTH? Ah, the last POI/Vista I need for map completion is just over... *yoink* WTH? Finally got max fishing stacks, let's see if I can catch... *yoink* WTH? Almost got my daily quota of jade, there's the last node I need to mine... *yoink* WTH? Almost done with Canthan daily... Just 1 more Naga to slay, and there it... *yoink* WTH? Sorry, it's an absolutely terrible idea to teleport unsuspecting players some
  4. Really? Have you not studied one iota of human history? I'm sure when European colonizers landed in North and South America the initial reaction of the inhabitants was "They've got guns and we're still using spears and stone axes... That's totally unbelievable!" Also... Are you actually playing GW2? Before any expansion, we took down Zhaitan from an airship with giant laser cannons! Yeah, airship, not spaceship, but still... (And yes, I fully acknowledge that that particular fight has its share of controversy.) I get that this isn't a direction that some people want to go in
  5. First off, just in case anyone form ANET reads this: I release all claims to any ideas or anything that might be considered "IP", etc. If you use anything here, I will not sue or ask for any compensation at all! I'll just be eternally grateful (and maybe a little bit smug). 😄 Secondly, sorry, but this is going to be long. I really hope you read it though! I've said elsewhere that I feel like Harbinger is lacking an identity and seems kind of directionless at the moment. There are no compelling reasons to play it and lots of reasons not to. So for my make-believe-pr
  6. The thing that bothers me the most about shroud 3 and 4 is actually the Blight removal. I mean, in beta 1 the point of shroud was to build up Blight for that "high risk, high reward" damage. But now, I can go into shroud and if I use skills 3 and 4 to close, I wind up with less Blight than when I started??? Took my a while to figure out why my max Blight seemed to be about 10. 😝 And if you're not trying to max Blight to max damage, why even play the spec? As I said elsewhere, they're basically encouraging you to *not* ever use skills 3 or 4. The whole spec is just such an aim
  7. I've been maiming a Power, melee Reaper since Hot. It's so tanky (even with zerk stats) that I find it hard to play other profs! Damage output is very good to. I had been hoping Harbinger would be good just so I could have a change of pace, but it's so all over the map that it doesn't do anything well right now. So if you only have the points to unlock one, I'd unlock Reaper. Still have plenty enough time to unlock enough points to unlock Harbinger on release if you want to. I'm just hoping they go back to the drawing board with it and/or take some of the advice from players
  8. Necromancer Player (NP): So, I hear there's finally a Support spec for Necros, eh? Harbinger Spec (HS): Oh great... yet another player who's going to go play Specter. NP: ... HS: Oh, you meant me? Well, about that... If you take the right traits, yes, you can share some boons with other players, provided you can hit them with ground-targeted elixirs. NP: And... what else? HS: Um, that's it. Oh, and in the latest incarnation, they upped the cooldown on the elite to 90s, making me even less desirable as a support option. NP: But... that means Guards with their in
  9. Some more thoughts on elixirs... The flat "gain blight" and the basic "gain boon" are both boring and don't play into the "risk/reward" trade-off thing that I think ANet was aiming for. I was thinking about it some more and came up with another option. When you quaff an elixir, you get an immediate, minimal effect. BUT... the skill then flips over to a "spit it out". As long as you don't "spit it out", the effect continues AND Blight gets applied. If you hit maximum stacks of Blight, a negative effect is placed on you. Example #1: The stun-break elixir could be changed to:
  10. Feedback, Take 2really long!) Posted my original thoughts about 5 or 6 pages ago... Had a chance to play with it some more (still all PvE) with different stat sets, runes and loadouts. I've also read and thought about all the posts that have been added to this thread. So here's some more thoughts on the basics and some suggestions. Condi vs. Power The Pistol just screams "condi build" with all of the Torment. When I tried power builds, it felt "meh" and I switched to Axe which felt like it put up higher numbers. Both builds are viable though. The condi trait line
  11. Tried in PvP only. Read most of the other feedback before trying. As such, I was worried about being too squishy. So I went with Trailblazers stats (except trinkets where were Celestial). Added Dolyak runes for extra toughness and vitality. Spec'd out with Curses and Soul Reaping, taking Vital Persistence so HP were > 32K. Ditched most of the potions because... nothing really good there. Took signet of Undeath (again, because of comments here complaining about Life Force generation). Headed to Auric Basin for the "Pocket Raptor Test". My Reaper doesn't even blink wi
  12. I realize that the equipped weapons have nothing/little to do with the class mechanic. However, they could have made the class mechanic "Death Revolver" (or something) whereby you got bullets instead of a life force meter and you could expend those bullets to activate F1-5 skills. Regardless of what weapon you had. Probably would have been more interesting, but we'll see. Just because the weapon and the mechanic don't need to be used together doesn't mean they couldn't have had some synergy. (Take Revenant -- their weapons have synergy with the Legends, but you can still use Ha
  13. Necros already have corruption and tons of condi builds. Since that seems to be what Harbinger does... why??? I guess I'd had my hopes up for a Ritualist kind of spec, either with Spirits or Ashes (kits). So since this is nothing like what I was hoping for, I'm even more disappointed. When I found out the weapon was pistol, and given what they did with Virtuoso, I thought "maybe they'll turn life force into discrete 'bullets' that you fire with the F1-5 skills". Would be sort of like Scourge, but different enough. But... nope. Granted, it's only a roughly 1 minute video clip,
  14. This. If you do nothing else, just be kind. I saw a random in map chat asking how to get the White Raven ranger pet. So I explained about the Hall of Monuments. Then he asked about HoT pets. I didn't have to, but just for kicks I literally spent the next three hours helping him get pets! It was pretty fun and we lucked into the start of a Dragon Stand meta so I did that for the first time in ages. I'm not going to do this every night, but it's just an example of how you can help the game simply by being nice and helping others.
  15. I was excited to try out the new Blood Bank trait. It procs on both vampirism traits (the names in the combat log don't match the trait names, so it's a little hard to tell, but it does).However, I tried hitting something at point bank range with Greatsword while having the Soul Eater trait slotted. Despite the trait clearly describing "Healing: 5%" and "heal for a portion of the damage done", it did not translate into any barrier via Blood Bank. Based on the wording of Blood Bank, I expected it to.I'm assuming this is a bug? If so, please fix. :) Thank you.
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