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  1. Meta event just means the main event plotline for the map. Has absolutely nothing to do with meta in terms of what is most optimal to play in terminology.
  2. Renegade's shortbow's supposed to be a condi weapon to begin with. If anything power-wise, they should turn hammer into a viable PvP weapon.
  3. I think Renegade's shortbow power numbers are in need of a tuning down in PvP. The damage that the 3 skill does alone in such a short amount of time is crazy. And its autoattack hits really hard too for something that's so fast.
  4. Sure, apparently it was just 5 accounts. The guy who did it is called Tallbarr if I recall correctly. I think it was the season before the last 2v2s, but not 100% sure. Can confirm. I'm currently hovering around top 10 on NA with burn dh.Oh hey, I didn't know you came back to NA.
  5. Does anyone else get super frustrated when fighting these builds? It feels like, no matter what I do, I always get burn on me somehow. If you block, their burns go through aegis because torch 4 is unblockable, if you try to fight them from range, they just port to you or immobilize you with scepter 3 and stack burns with the spirit sword. If you fight them in melee, you just get a million burns on you because of pulsing aoes. What can I honestly do to reliably beat these builds?
  6. If you try to do the course, it will reset the race immediately and delete your dive skill.
  7. I hope you don't PvP in FFXIV because in my experience, PvP in that game is several times worse than PvP in GW2.
  8. What if they made it so charging heal mantra removes stability on the firebrand like headbutt does for berserker
  9. You right. It's not invuln on paper and it allows them to be cc'd but, the tradeoff is that they recover health at 1:1, both heavy classes while the light one with the lowest health was stripped of stability in weaver, and also had its invuln nerfed to irrelevance. Balance is sad af. But at the same time, if you stop attacking them and run away, they get literally no value out of the heal. They're still at low health. Or if they used it offensively at high health, they're still out of a heal skill, and are pretty much forced to be defensive or switch to whatever other Legend they have, which m
  10. It actually kind of does need to be unlockable. If it wasn't unlockable nonmemsers could create their own clones by reflecting it back at the mesmer, with no mechanics for what to do with it. It would also be the only mesmer skill where you can straight up prevent the clones which isn't how other mesmer skills operate. Clueless newcomers ¯_(ツ)_/¯. The same goes for thief shadow shot, first part of it is unblockable because otherwise teleport ppl to thief.A-failnut style nerf would be 50% dmg nerf on every gs skill, all shatters have 1s cast time, PU/MoP untouched - chrono treatment ?I'm not
  11. I just wish mirror blade wasn't unblockable. It doesn't need to be unblockable.
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