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  1. Saying if u can kill 3 ppl one by one, one of oppos can do same prolly
  2. Stop thinking only you and only you can kill 3 ppl fast
  3. I don’t want random R people whispering me, neither i want to make no one being able to (invis). Idk how this wasn’t invented yet especially to protect famous players.
  4. U replied to my reply to stop saying l2p so who would i reply to? Ure the one lost lol U want to destroy entire class cuz one build. Bec of u devs dont read forum
  5. Id say untamed farms cata, but Trevor plays core trapper…
  6. Ur build is braindead garb, thats why it cant kill
  7. But we dont want completely destroy the class forever. Anyway, no devs read this so we can type BS.
  8. It could be 80%, just so he cant use earth focus 5 one by another and longer cast time, 1/4 is like insta, cant cc maybe 90s cd like in wvw
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