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  1. Personally, I think you're taking what was basically a tongue in cheek criticism of what STARTS as 'ridiculous marketing fluff' made even MORE ridiculous by the kitten state of the warrior as (imo) one of the least fearsome melee classes in the game.... ....ENTIRELY TOO SERIOUSLY . Jesus what, 10 posts? more? insisting and repeating over and over and over that somehow this is undercutting the serious attention Anet is paying to the warrior? What serious attention is that, pray tell? I think the objective lesson here is that everything about warrior actual perf
  2. Maybe some of us just aren't as complacently accepting of marketing fluff being meaningless? I mean, you're not wrong, it IS. But occasionally maybe it's OK to push back when marketing fluff is complete and utter bs and say "hey, um, you actually SAID this, so shouldn't it have *some* connection to reality?"
  3. As long as "good" means ignoring the class's main mechanic. (shrug) When's the last time you saw an OW meta boss with strippable boons?
  4. Unmatched? Is that true? Has it ever been? "Adrenaline-fueled fighters that people bring along to groups mainly because they have some neato flags" doesn't have quite the same punch.
  5. I know I am. Look, I love my engineer. She's been my main since the first week of the game (I had a sad little flirtation with Thief until I realized in core Tyria that playing a glass cannon based on dodging when it seemed every important fight was on some dumb scaffolding(?) was stupid; sue me). But...I *hate* playing FotM classes, which is very much the Mech right now. It's just so kitten overpowered. Pet class (so already one step into easy mode), gobs of buffs regularly, a mace that hits like a flippin' truck, nearly impossible to die. I mean, if I wanted
  6. Surprised nobody has commented, this is really useful. Thank you for all the hard work!
  7. Not to mention every mech looks identical. Is that my mech? Is that mine? Is that one?
  8. I'd guess that 50%+ of the GW2 population does 4k or less single target dps. Maybe even a higher percentage.
  9. (shrug) On what 'principle'? Mukluk is a long time supporter of gw2 and has done a great job explaining and promoting the game. I'm not personally a fan, but your condescending reply is about as empty of meaning as a fanboy's frothing mindless support. FWIW He discovered the build based on a disabled one-armed player wanting to play something that meaningfully contributes so he was looking for LI builds. The fact that an engy can auto-bomb their way to 20k+ dps is definitely something I'm going to test tonight both on a golem and in real-world situations.
  10. It's almost like the whole water mechanic was a good idea someone had at the start, they left the team early, and the game has forever since been stuck 'dealing' with (compromising, kludging around) a kitten design choice that they really just wanted to walk away from years ago. Note, for example, it's always been 'a thing' that since you switch to a whole new set of weapons involuntarily when you touch water, you loose all accumulated stacks if you have sigils that do that (unless your water-weapons ALSO have those sigils). And don't even get me started on the whole goofy-ki
  11. ...I mean, we are the "little remote bots" CLASS, now everyone gets them? And TBH they're far more general purpose than ours ever were. It would have been nice to maybe get a LITTLE love for a scrapper coming to Cantha.
  12. Having played a scrapper and holo pretty extensively I was generally meh on the mechanist when I took it through the first zone, trying to play it mainly like a pet class - rifle, let the pet do the work. Meh. Anet hates rifles. But then I tried the 1h mace we got as the spec-special weapon. O. M. G. The damage. I mean, you only have the three abilities - auto, a charge, and a short ranged (300? 450?). Cooldowns are very fast and the damage was borderline absurd. My arcdps was down but every nearly hit was 3000-5000 damage. MUCH more damage than say, scra
  13. That's all we need, a constellation of orbiting raisin-goblins.
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