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  1. We've all given a passing glance to the lag in towns or maps with too many players, I'm not really going to go in depth about it. In 2020 we're going to see new consoles, new processors and everything else. Right now, this game is built for older computers but even now it can't perform the way every other game can with maxed out systems. If this game is going to survive, Anet needs to bring everything out of the dx9 days. I'm not saying take it out of dx9, I understand development and time, but there's no way this game shouldn't run great on decked out PCs. I don't have a maxed out PC either l
  2. For people saying stuff about putting effort into it, there are a ton of people who only play on the weekends due to work and family. They probably put a ton of effort into the game, maybe even play all weekend. Those folks are punished for no real reason. Don't say some shenanigans like if I can do it they can too because everyone's lives are different. For my own self, I definitely don't have the time to play every day. I'm not even going to bother with this mount as well, I have no desire to feel stressed out because I need to get a list done every day. That stuff leads to burn out, same s
  3. It's odd there is even such large time gating in a subless game, that's kind of the point of them. WoW has had a major drop in players due to time gating a lot of content in recent times, seems like a bad idea overall.
  4. I'm getting a lot of crashes now too, sent my error log in just now. I can't play more than 30 minutes without it crashing on me and Gw2 is the only game that does it. It's not a memory leak, it was only at 3 gigs of ram when it crashed (I have 16). Overclocked i5-3570k and a 980ti.
  5. No. Just no. I don't spend money every time I enter a meta in the hopes to get a rare item. I don't put pennies into every mob kill in hopes to get a precursor. Your comment is pure nonsense. Gambling doesn't have to be the expense of currency (ie Gamble your life by jumping from a cliff to see if you'll live). I think it's a bit much to say all RNG elements is a form of gambling though. You might call it a gamble to try and do a meta event with a small amount of people though. Gamble/gambling simply means doing something with a risk involved (usually of some form of undesirable consequence).
  6. I get ridiculous FPS drops in towns, used to be fine outside too but now it's getting worse. It's definitely an accumulative thing I've noticed since path of fire launched. I've done all the "fps tricks" and what not too, even full reinstalls but it's now just at a point where the game is stuttering in Lions Arch. I don't usually have issues in other games either other than maybe some ridiculous shadow/lighting settings. System specs:Win 10i5 3570k @ 4.3 Ghz + h110 cooler16gb Ram 1600MhzGTX 980 TI Zotac OC'd Ed.500GB Evo Pro SSD
  7. There's two people in this thread: People arguing if it's right or wrong, and people arguing if it's gambling. I'm not answering person 1, that's going to be a year long argument. Is it gambling? Depends on your perspective if something is at risk. To gamble, is inherently the concept of trying to get something with a chance of risk involved. What that risk may be, could be money, gold/gems etc. Likewise, you can even consider the failure of potential return a risk, even if you received the key for free. With this in mind, if you are a casual player, the risk is going to be inherently higher a
  8. Yeah I've got a few folks now wondering what to do, this part of the story sequence is terrible.
  9. I don't know if something broke but when I did it the first time I put my oil through the fence, that's no longer working. The oil runs out when you go around. My girlfriend and I can't finish this portion of the story now, am I missing something?
  10. Gist version: People have been selling runs since the literal Droknar's Forge run. If everyone is buying runs for 100g and yours is 2000g, you're going on a list.
  11. Pretty certain you just triggered a lot of emotions from me tonight that I didn't expect to feel while reading a forum. That's a lot of skill I must say, that's not just petty... That's pent up my mate.
  12. Lets keep it light here.I can't stand it when you jump high up with the Springer and it keeps giving you that hopeful landing before falling to the next one, and then the next until you're back where you started. It's the simple things that make my blood boil I must say.
  13. One of the big differences with GW1 is that it's more like a third person RTS game than it is mmo. I'd either roll a ritualist or drop this build on one of my heroes as it cheeses like 90% of the content:https://gwpvx.gamepedia.com/Build:Rt/any_Spirit_Spammer Also since you did get into Eye of the North, try to pick up this skill:https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Pain_InverterIt's another one that kind of just cheesed half the content (mostly bosses, especially the last one for EotN). In general with most builds you don't need to have EVERYTHING, you can put in similar skills until you can fig
  14. For amusement's sake, WoW Orcs got to see a chiropractor:https://www.polygon.com/2018/3/9/17101162/world-of-warcraft-upright-orcs That being said, Charr originally had different poses depending on their professions in GW1, the current player model is based on the hunter/ranger one in the original. The mesmers looked super majestic:https://wiki.guildwars.com/images/0/0f/Charr_mesmer.jpg Speaking of majestic, this was what the original Norns looked like:https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Magni_the_Bison
  15. If you're using Chrome, pull down the address bar, beside it has 3 dots that go to the options. Click the "desktop site" button off.
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