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  1. Overall I have enjoyed this beta playing Mechanist and will be looking forward to being able to do it again i feb. 2022. It will be my new main! Input: Do not let a Mech skill be bound to a engineer mace skill (3). This further reduces the usefulness of our limited pistol/rifle alternatives. Add it to all weapons skill 3 or perhaps make it a standard "toolbelt" no.4 skill after the 3 Mech skills. The traditionel toolbelt should be available when the Mech is non active. The choice of a signet in a slot will then just return an empty toolbelt slot, since it has a passive effect.
  2. I can now confirm this positive result at 19:41 CET. The Gem store is now working again on my account 🙂
  3. After having had a case open on the issue with support and provided them with 3 batches of log information, I have received this final answer: Hello,At this time, we are currently aware of this issue and our QA and development teams are looking into it.Future updates regarding this will be posted on the official forums.
  4. Problem has now changed for me here on 28/10. "O" does not crash the game anymore but both gemstore, currency exchange and trading post are now empty windows. No contents is shown...
  5. Same problem here but another thread open on this already with at least 12+ players replying with the problem...
  6. Same problem, even after -repair rutine. Press "O" and crash right away! Problem started after update for "beta 3" yesterday. Running DX9.
  7. I would just hope for a trait that allowed us to switch tether from strong single target healing to weaker AoE healing in 240-300 range around the target. The last seeming more in line with requirements for group play.
  8. A possible solution, as addressed by many others in various forms: Summon Mech: No tool belt skills, only Mech toolbelt commands. Unsummon Mech: Tool belt skills available for all "classic" skills slotted in 6-10. Signet mounted in one? No tool belt skill for that one. This would allow us more interesting gameplay with and without an active Mech (it can die, we have to await resummon cooldown or we just need the toolbelt skills in a fight) . And make you really have to balance the amount of signets used.
  9. I love the concept but agree that it seems too big...
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