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  1. Less about being attractive, and more about a massive amount of refugees looking for a home. The fact that everyone flocked to FFXIV is testament to that. It's an epically underwhelming game that managed to have hype, clout, and fame delivered into their lap by content creators on an exodus. GW2 should be right up in these refugees' faces saying "Even at our worst, we're still better than everyone else!" Because it's true.
  2. Witnessing this community from a non-progression perspective is like watching a giant circle of people flagellating each other. Half the people that ask for support and middle ground around here are met with "well here's why, it's just cause you're bad!" Listen to yourselves and try and say you're not part of the problem in why instanced content is going the way of the dinosaurs. Nobody actually gives a kitten about your arcdps numbers. They're just regurgitating what the angrier person next to them was screaming into the void.
  3. My expectations were turned a bit when they gave out 2 "samurai" specs this expansion that don't belong to Thief, but GS still needs to happen. I'd honestly like it to be a more robust tank-type through parries and counters, less focused on stealth, and perhaps with some Spellbreaker notes.
  4. Looking holistically and not based on tuning/balance, I'm going with Warrior. Obvious reason is good mix of weapon variety. Therein, the skills themselves are diverse enough to justify creating separate builds and gearsets. The animations have an appropriate "feel" to them, much more than any other class. But looking at tuning/balance? Scraping the bottom.
  5. That just reinforces my point that Anet aren't trying hard enough. Getting bested by a visual novel game.
  6. Rephrase, "A certain #1 reigning MMO is dying"
  7. Most...actually all of the promotional content released for EoD has been vastly subpar and insulting to the game's credibility. These little zone reveals are basically just snip reels that any teenager can do in his dad's copy of Premiere. They're not compelling, and I imagine from a prospective newcomer, the video gets skipped within seconds out of boredom and tarnishes expectations. They make it look like Anet is either not taking themselves seriously or are hacks. If it can't be done with the care that elevates the product, it just shouldn't exist, period. Silence is better than indole
  8. My beloved pet Choya, Renauldo was killed by a portly amateur RPer who was carelessly casting chain lightning and mumbling "lightning bolt" while we were on our evening walk to pick his favorite omnomberries (sniffle). I couldn't be caught dead RPing like you animals, and will not rest until every one of you is extinguished!
  9. Ahh, to be sweaty, sweet summer child. Years ago I would have strangled myself to say this, but it's really nice not giving a crap about performance. Time to stop.
  10. Not sure how you guys keep thinking that farming 200g is easy. What kind of easy? Like "hey I didn't sleep for 5 days, got my weekly furry outfit and I'm heckin excited!" or "hey I got my bi-yearly furry outfit and I'm casually heckin' excited!"
  11. Lots of ignorance in these responses. OP made it very clear that they can stomach difficulty, but can't stomach monotony. Skyscale chain has it in spades. In retrospect, I don't mind it. Would even do it again. But in the moment I hated with a fiery passion the first half of it because I knew it was just insulting my play time. It's insipid and worthy of complaints like this.
  12. I'm usually more than cool with surprises, but I'm currently going through a main switch (sweaty completion and all) since Specter's not my cup of tea. Would be nice to get a hint at which way the wind is blowing from the last run.
  13. Sorry, my post was a bit vague. I was attempting to lump appearance/skins as equals to stats. My point, similar to yours is that stat tiers are moot, and appearance is the only identifier of "end game" distinction, which can be somewhat insulting to acquire.
  14. You're not wrong, but having experienced the steepest side of the vertical progression ladder in other games, I realized something. Eventually there comes a point in all of your blood sweat and tears when you're grinding gear literally for the sake of grinding gear. It's a sobering feeling knowing you duped yourself over many years. GW2's system doesn't seem to allow hard blows like that, as the act of playing X content is endgame, not achieving milestones gated by gear. But, you're in good company with the feeling cheated part. No hard work should be punished, and while the glory is
  15. Not to be too derisive, but I get the sense that the GW2 community is akin to the pleasant neighbor pent up with so much un-surfaced rage that they're eventually going to burn down your house if you step on their lawn one too many times.
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