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  1. I think what you are referring to was something like "untimely death of Horrik", after talking about the scene with the Asura next to Mai Trin.
  2. Well, there are still some charr left. And I really hate unfinished buisness. Thus I say rip and tear until it's done.
  3. You forgot Lazarus. I dunno what to expect tbh. I find it neccessary to kill off Aurene, because with her Around, there is no real tension in the story. She is just too pwerful, and unless you include tons of magic-/technobabble, there is nothing that can actually contest her anymore. But I am sceptical if Anet has the guts to kill her off.
  4. How? The moment she ate Joko was the most obvious teasing of a fakeout-death.
  5. Isn't that just was I described? How can you continue your comment with describing basically the same thing I did, even when I did so in a very polemic way? Just because thats how it's done now does not mean that I have to agree with it. Saying that you sell a product for, let's say 50$ in one region of the world because "hey, the average consumer there can afford it", only to reduce the price in another region of the world because "hey, better than no copies sold there, eh?" does not sit right with me, because this means than this "value" is completely arbitrary. Especially
  6. But by this definition, the price of your product is entirely arbitrary and not based on what it's "worth" (using this term carefully here), but by a percentage of how much a person in an area of the world can afford to pay. It's like those joke conversations: A: "Uhhhh, thats a nice product! What does it cost?" B: "Uhm.... How much do you have?" A: "I have 100€/$/whatever." B: "You are in luck then! That's exactly what it costs!"
  7. Because corporations think that Gamers = stupid, so they won't notice as long as the number is the same. Additionally, pricing products based on the average income of a certain area of the world is rather common. A person in the EU earns more money on average? Wouldn't it be a shame NOT to tap into this? Imho a pretty filthy practice, thats been around for very, very long. I am inclined not to be too upset about this in regard to EoD, because 30€ is (hopefully, based on the content) still a good deal. Still worth calling out though.
  8. After her "death", our supreme leader Joko will emerge from her carcass, bringing peace and prosperity once again! Technically, thats not death, is it?
  9. Dunno if this is just wishful thinking, but my girlfriend and me have been pausing the trailer yesterday and compared the Asura to Zojjas in-game model, as well as the artworks. Basically, the nose and the mouth do look similar enough. Her ingame-eye color isn't THAT blue, but some concept arts do share the eye color. Additionally, the artistic use of the scene, with the hooded character entering the focus of the camere from the side is often used to (re)introduce a character that we either already know or have heard alot about in a story, often followed but the dramatic reveal. Addi
  10. Before the trailer, my theory was that Canthans somehow managed to use the DSD'd power or even the DSD itself, with a human antagonist taking the spotlight, basically a counterpart to our commander. Someone who isn't an eldritch abomination with the sole intent to screw over the world, but a person who became great by doing basically the stuff we did as well. I still see this potential. Considering the trailer seems to tease some form of defiance towards fate, while showing ominous use of Jade-Magitech, Cantha seems to chase a goal that we yet have to learn, but to me, it is h
  11. We have data here. You have nothing to back up your claim. That alone should show you that your whole argument is based on your sole assumptions alone. It was not the same, as discussed before. It was executed with less quaility and the scope was not shown at all, despite some NPC's realizing that "Destroyers/Icebrood bad." I explained why it does matter, yet you failed to adress this several times now and instead go "It does not matter". Hence I repeat my argument. Thats not how tension works. You may want to look up what tension is, hot it is formed, how it is maintai
  12. Yes it does matter, as the negative reception of IBS and DRM's shows. Thats basic storytelling and what separates it from a loose collection of notes. Execution matetrs. Hot the WHAT, but the HOW. No. And again you display either your inability to read my comments properly, or your willful misrepresentation of what I said. I said the they didn't do things in terms of execution, wich is something completely difgferent from what you argue against. Thats, once again, a strawman. No. As I explained, like so many other thing, mutible times by now, it's about creation te
  13. Your examples are either before the narrative cut, or directly tied towards DRM's. I adressed this already. Additionally, in most of your examples, like with the skritt, this was not the focus of the story, but worldbuilding. Wich I also mentioned several times. And I expressed how the can only serve as a setup for something more, not being the whole story arch. Repeatedly. Additionally, I meantioned (again, several times), that the DRM's have been cheap information dumps. And it still didn't, because you adressed something I never said in the first place. I do not
  14. Except is does. Again, tension building. I will repeat it as often as I have to. Not forgotten, but brought back into focus in a dynamic way that feels coherent with the world it takes place in. Wich DRM's clearly are not. It never said I forgot that they existed, like you seem to imply. I said the storybeats were continued poorly. I even said so several times. And at the same time, many stuff that was once considered good is now considered bad. Your point? Fact remains, the quality of storytelling does get measured by how much people enjoy it. And most peop
  15. I explained how Mordremoth was one big storythread several posts ago. You can continue to disregard this, but it's evidently there to read up, and so far you have not adressed this properly. And Kralkatorrik was present as a secondary threat in PoF, thus the player was aware of it and didn't "just awaken". It's far from the same, and many people notice this, because is plain and obvious. Because, like I just said, their storythread wasn't interrupted. Primordus and Jormag was, by them being put to sleep. You may ignore this very simple fact, but again, many people feel exactly lik
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