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  1. At least dungeons had original enviroments. I enjoyed those alot more. Heck, I still enjoy those alot more.
  2. Since Jormag should have this power, it could in theory go into the mist and have a fest there. Or wherever it wanted. If we are generous enough to remember skills the dragons should have that the writers forgot to make use of, we should also take other effects this would have into consideration. Thats what you say. Jormag is described as a cunning being, very intelligent. So why did it never occur that it go have some sweet magic in the mists? Or ANYWHERE? Thats because the writers wanted to get rid of the 2 and blissfully ignored everything Jormag COULD have done with the powers it S
  3. I just did the test, and you are correct. Non-infused/attuned rings that existed pre patch provide the additional stats, even after attuning. Already attuned/infused rings do not. Hopefully this gets patched asap.
  4. Since there do exist 2 threads considering this topic, I add my finding here as well: While a normal, uninfused/-attuned Ring with one slot does give expertise and concentration, both Lunaria and Solaria (and probably all other celestial rings as well) do not give these stats when attuned and/or infused. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. Infusing/Attuning si what causes the ring to not give the correct stats. I didn't buy a brand new ring and tried to infuse it though.
  5. I just tested it, gave my Lunaria a thrid slot. It still does not have expertise and concentration. This seems like an oversight, with Arenanet not taking Infused/Attuned Equipment into consideration and (hopefully) should get fixed soon.
  6. My Lunaria was dropped with 2 slots and it does not have expertise and concentration. I will try and throw it into the forge to add a third slot after dinner and see if the new one has the correct stats and give feedback to you guys. (Unless someone wants to do so right now.)
  7. Nevermind, I just found out I had a celestial sword on my revenant. It received the update and now provides celestial stats. However, I have a few celestial rings from fractals, wich I looked forward to use now, but they do not provide expertise and concentration. I do not know if this was a deliberate choice from Anet, but if it was, I do not like it.
  8. My bigger issue is with pre-patch equipment not giving Expertise and Concentration. That should be fixed asap.
  9. The patch notes stated the following Items The Superior Sigil of the Stars now also increases concentration and expertise. The Celestial stat combination on gear now also increases concentration and expertise. The per-stat values have not been decreased. I just checked, my Lunaria Ring did not grant those bonuses. Is this intentional? Does this not hold true for accessories? Or will only newly dropped/crafted equipment grant these bonuses? Edit: I just saw I had a celestial sword on my Revenant. It has the updated stats. So why do acc
  10. I mean, considering fashion wars is basically this games endgame, some qol-improvements would probably go a long way.
  11. I have been thinking about this often as well. There are a lot of individual outfits I really, really like, and when running around in one for some weeks I usually need to change it up. But this never feels "good" due to transmog charges, even though I still have 550 of them left. There is always something nagging in the back of my head: "If you change your looks too often, you'll end up short of those." The current system doesn't feel good. It's not playing towards the strength of our warddrobe: A huge variety of possible outfits. But I fear that if Anet ever changes this up,
  12. A perfectly reasonable request. I really dunno why the forums usually yield 0 response from Arenanet, even in the discussions section. It always seems to be a User asking for something, some people agree, some disagree, and then the thread gets forgotten.
  13. While I do agree that Warrior Hammer is better than Guardians, i think it excels at nothing in particular. Warrior has enough cc as is. Also, the immobilize skill for guard, as well as the circle, are borderline useless in most PvE encounters. Additionally, the trait that makes your hammer 2 icy increases it's cooldown, effectively decreasing it's damage potential in favor for a chill effect. It's a decent weapon for some PvP build (and even those are outdated, but I am not good enough in PvP to judge this), but at least 2 of Guardians Hammer skills need either a rework or excessive tweak
  14. I really think Hammers for Warriors and guards are overlooked. I want to like those weapons, but there is almost never a reason to use them over anything else. They are in desperate need of a rework.
  15. We are moving in circles here. I say, they should care, you say they don't. I think you didn't get the essence of the priory right, some goes vice versa. Needless debate, since both of us seem to think that the other persons arguments are garbage. The quote you gave was literally from the final mission, making it hardly evidence against my claim that it was sudden. So let's disregard that before all else. Second, 18 months of real time do not equal in-universe time. Third, Jormags change of direction only occured during Champions. Wich, as we all know, is rushed and only serv
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