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  1. I don't think you're wrong for thinking that Valid opinion But it's ofc very subjective Both have negatives and positives They do solve lots of the issues flying mounts have in other games. Biggest one would be that you don't have unlimited height. So you can still see other players for the most part.
  2. I wonder, that "draw effect" You need full armor for it? Is it a certain piece that gives it? Any piece will give it?
  3. If they are only using 1 account Are not AFK, can respond to GM Then I don't see the problem As far as I understand it's not very good gold per hour anyway Seems far worse though if they are using sofware to play multiple accounts at once Then I'm not a fan Don't really see why this is allowed in the first place
  4. Agreed But it's too late for that But they should have made it account wide but more expensive instead of current system Like instead of a character bound bag slot being 400 gems. Should be 1000 or even 1500 gems for a account wide bag slot
  5. Has bolt been there 2 times? I'm kind of hoping for a repeat Edit: Apparently yeah. Oh well Then I'm hoping for the howler
  6. If no new weapon, then maybe add an option to one of the specs "shorbow/longbow 1 ability pierce and bounce to nearby enemies, but has (insert value that makes sense) % reduced damage" But I don't know if they ever do that Anyway, was just some thoughts
  7. Ranger more a melee class than ranged calass in GW2 😄 Melee is far more fun anyway for me on ranger
  8. Longbow is too slow Shortbow doesn't have much aoe potential, even with pierce Axe has some aoe, but even then feels kind of boring compared to many options from other classes Melee feels most fun on ranger. I'm blown away by other classes range weapon compared to the ranged weapon on ranger Ofc much of this subjective But as a ranger main, I would like to have a fast firing range weapon that does decent AOE
  9. Buy 3 more rage from trading post But 4 rage in the mystic forge Ragequit game
  10. Skimmer (with later added underwater mastery) Skiff/fishing That's the water related stuff I can think off So not nothing
  11. Again, whatever works for you. Cool! We're going to go in circles here
  12. Would like them to make this content more relevant again Doesn't have to be cryptic essence I recently did the DRMs again for the jormag infusion I found it to be pretty enjoyable this time actually I ended up doing most of it solo, it was possible to get groups going though, but took some time But yes, unless you are going for the achievements or items from the vendor, rewards are lacking I haven't played dungeons in a long time, but apparently they have many issues that they don't want to spend time fixing, so it's abandoned? (At least that's what I've understood)
  13. The inventory is resizeable So you are using other convenience items. Items I could make the same arguments towards. You can just spend a minute doing it in some other way But you enjoy the convenience it brings It's as simple as that
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