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  1. I play MMO's (and most games with controller, have for years). Yes i'm super casual. No fractals, raids or PVP etc. Steam controller software is brilliant when you delve into its deep features. And Guild Wars 2 is like it was made for controller thanks to the action cam and how it automatically switch to mouse mode when opnening vendor/options menu etc, usually have to map a button yourself to switch between your own programmed "action cam" and mouse mode. Works best with a steam controller, but mine broke and impossible to get a new one now a days sadly. Right now on a cheap co
  2. That also works by having everything available and then have sales rotate in and out on items, like PoE does it etc. I don't know what way will make them the most money, but it's up for debate if is the most profitable solution.
  3. I have a lot of tearing, so want to enable V-Sync. When I do the framerate drops to 30. My TV/Monitor is 60 hz. It's set to 60 hz in windows settings. I don't remember having this problem before. Graphics card is a GTX 1050 if that matters.a
  4. And 1 living world episode can single handily destroy FFXIV's open world content. Okay i'm exaggerating. But different games with different strengths. Have almost 1k hours in FFXIV, but at the end of the day the game couldn't hold my attention like GW2 does.
  5. Path of Fire has the best looking maps imo. I don't like META events, so I haven't gotten that much playtime in HoT and Living world maps as many others. But for replay value, collections and achievements offer lots of that on all maps. But for me best replay value maps are core maps. I like map completion 🙂
  6. Maybe they are just very confused, give them a break 😆
  7. That's cute. Now let me fix that for you. Enjoy LOTRO Mordor trailer in glorius 480p https://youtu.be/JX7Wm29hts8
  8. HoT was the first expansion. I had over 4k hours in the core game in just 2 years. So was very excited. The HoT trailer was by far the best one as well. That part where they revealed the gliders really got me excited. Mounts got me even more excited 🙂 I'm excited for EoD and want fishing. But would be lying if I said it have me more excited than gliders or mounts. Also skiffs is pretty cool I suppose, just with a skimmer already it doesn't exactly blow me away. I'm glad we got the skyscale, but i'm a bit surprised they didn't save it for the expansion now that I think abou
  9. I've never liked when franchises completely change direction from what they used to be about. Yes I realize GW1-GW2 did exactly that. But as a GW2 player only I would really dislike the sequel turning into a sandbox game, as a theme park MMO player.
  10. If you don't have it already, Skyscale is great for enjoying scenary peacefully 🙂
  11. Posted response to wrong person. Can't figure out how to edit it, I'll look into it later 😄
  12. I find meta events to be extremely boring. If I feel like doing dance emote for 20 hours on a map where a meta event is going on, I'll do just that, tyvm :=) I am free to get enjoyment out of the maps as well.
  13. I haven't seen any arguments that isn't just "I don't want it, so no one should have it" It will probably take almost zero "time/effort/money" to implement. It's basicly WvW chat tweeked a bit. No expansion will be delayed because of it 😄
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