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  1. Why is this such a silly collection as well? We have to do every step one by one and if its not the order etc you don't get it. Not only that but then you have to have the weapon equipped. you HAVE to have the item in your bag, like c'mon anet. This is just one of WOW's copies silly systems to do what? Like this is ridiculous. Some items you keep, some automatic, there is no consistency and very bad design. (Talking about the high wizard risen) because like the whole collection these fragments are worthless, and then the last step you expect people to just have it in your bag and to know that it is something you need to carry around when you have been putting everything in an account bound for so long. *sigh* back to 6 hour wait for the risen high lord again
  2. So also after doing the math. We are looking at what? 2,200 good Aurene weapon 300 gold for variants ——— approximately 2500 gold PER legendary MODESTLY. not to mention some collection attachment… not to mention MORE variants “soon” with then even more things to get us playing…. Oh I digress… my point is another 1500ish gold with the next 5 dragons… these gen 3s are going to be around 4K PER LEGENDARY x16 … so hey anyone got 64,000 gold they want to loan out? I get your whole “it’s a legendary tactic” … but hey you get a title to show either a) you’re a whale and just supporting the madness or b) you are the 14hr+ gamer that does nothing but play the market, solo content for gold, etc. basically avoiding gameplay with others because no one will want yo journey with you on this silly crusade. Because it’s a selfish thing. Where is the “defeat ankka cm and get a variant free.” “Defeat scarlet cm get a variant free token” that at least induces gameplay and working with people. Not some 4K gold a legendary self righteous , I don’t have a life and want to stop group content for my own wealthy pleasures. That is not gaming and am HIGHLY disappointed with anet on this. “Casual gamers” … blah. I’ve slowly been working on my aurene set and this just cancels any future plans for doing any further content for legendaries. Thanks for ruined hopeful ambitions and hope no one does this. But I know the streamers, partners of anet, and the whales who pay to look good will be fine. That’s who counts most . I feel sorry for the player base who really cared about journeying and having good time with people for this … but got a huge wall in their face. Back to the good old raids and strikes. ^^ good luck friends if you try to do this.
  3. Just remember boys n girls! We only 1 dragon deep! 5 more to go!!! This is a whales game, and 99% of us are not in the game.
  5. Anet can we stop having to go back to old buggy content -_- please. Or at least make it where you don’t have to rely on hours and hours of waiting.
  6. *embraces for the memes , lols, and get gud comments* So anyway... When I find something that is kinda off about the game I'm not afraid to say it. Again love the game, but every so often something is a bit off. Today is the Gangwar... let's lock an achievement and ascended backpiece behind loot. I know it's not the first time, but I thought they learned after the jormag one that it's... probably not a good thing. So they put this achievement to get the echovald backpiece... on the boss loot or yes I know in the vault where you can buy the boxes 5 a week. I've done probably 80% of the metas since Cantha came out and... no backpiece. I've led many groups and every time 3-4 people ping it. It's quite upsetting. Anet, when can I get a buy the backpiece for writs like you did for DE? Shouldn't it be something you can buy because not only are you locking it behind a meta, but you're locking it behind RNG! DE is easy peasy 100% drop... This backpiece? A rare drop? It wouldn't be so bad if that was the only thing but you then lock an achievement behind it *facepalms*. I don't know not one of the finest moments, but perhaps maybe kinda leaving the RNG life behind and maybe giving different options of acquiring. Ty. And yes, as I mentioned at the top I'm not too concerned of the get gud, that's how it's intended, don't do it, blah blah blah. I'm more concerned about trying to fix the let's lock achievements behind rng loot items, etc. It doesn't make the game fun, doesn't bring value to the game, is quite unnecessary to say the least is my point. I thought achievement is... *quick looks up a definition to make sure it's okay*... 1. a thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage. 2. the process or fact of achieving something. there is no effort in rng. There is no skill in rng, courage? probably not. Anyway, rant over. but I never did understand these achievements sometimes. Have a good day, hope it is some food for thought.
  7. Look, I know people exploding about it and how it was designed and people want to say I quit because of it , it’s not fair, etc. Personally, I too had my frustrations and comments but love the fight overall. let’s talk solutions: instead of bashing anet and telling them how bad it is and why we want to quit. Let’s try to fix it with ideas that can help cater to the masses so we all can make a better game. 1. preparations (event phase) I have commented on its length and feels it’s unnecessary to have such a long event period. But after thinking here are other thoughts. a) make “readiness” something valuable. —> as of now I feel no sense of meaning behind it other than a PERSONAL buff to 10% is it? I feel you could use this readiness as a … 10% less health for the boss, 1 minute per high readiness for each camp. 30 seconds for each medium readiness per camp etc, something that gives value to the final fight. perhaps as much as even one camp “holding the dragon tail” maybe with combination of camps being ready, 1 mechanic is avoidable. Something that gives the group good meaning to get high readiness. It changes the fight dynamically , making our decisions as a map / squad / etc. and if readiness is low… then we get a fight like we have now, nearly impossible or very unlikely to succeed. reasoning : the map is more invested and has better chance of success. Less map investment = less success. But NOT make it too easy for high readiness. Keep it still challenging but a small edge (aka the + ~5 mins, etc should not make or break, but give a little extra time) what do you all think ? 2. Escorts: I feel like escorts are fine, the length is alright for the most part, feels like a decent Dragon Stand like meta. It works and usually no problem. please comment how they should change. 3. End boss fight like I mentioned earlier there should be some results due to preparations made and should “balance” the success and fails. I think less rng and more of a predictable pattern (especially in open world). The strikes are even more predictable and known than open world (seems backwards imo). Make it have all the moves but in sequence, or variety of sequences to keep that rng maybe in place but just not okay go invulnerable and no chance to dps for 2-3 mins , no problem. I love the fight but a smoother fight might be better in open world. again give what you want to see and let’s give good ideas and discussion. Thanks. keep up the good work anet.
  8. I agree with the keep it fairly close to what it is and make people learn mechanics. The green change is good. And don’t mind failing metas if they are challenging. however, however… the prep work to high readiness, the escort, the stand around, and finally a long boss fight that IS challenging is not good imo. to basically spend an hour+ in a map for your chance to clear… and for a success rate of 20-80 probably (and again, I don’t mind that low success rate) is a bit absurd. knock the theatrics down to a 10 minute escort with readiness attached to how fast you can do it or how coordinated you are. Filled with action and meaningfulness and then into the hard boss fight and either win or lose within 30 mins or so… fine. I don’t mind that. But the current wait and snoozing is a bit long. Yah maybe it is a 10 year meta (literally)… it will drain people that try 10+ times whereas if it was half the time and full of impact still you would be looking at 20 some chances instead of the 10 and the quick loss with being able to evaluate opposed to an hour of whining and one escort or one side doesn’t get their act together (I know it is easy and doesn’t come to that, but as an example something out of the players’ hands) is much more respectful to the player’s time. Again pros: fight is good and fun , has some interesting mechanics that people should fundamentally learn. cons: huge time waste and dump for failed meta that can be trimmed ever so much. Not the fight itself… the 1 year (err hour+) of prep that is needed to do the meta. respect our time more . I get you want to tell the story but 50 some pre events before it happens is kinda not the way imo. I feel too much of a filler. Maybe some like it, but crashing into low success rate is rough.
  9. I have been stable at 175-200 ; since last patch it has been complete dog crap around 700-800. Please fix this. I don't know what you are 'testing' whether it be for the wvw or merging servers or something. But please roll it back :S
  10. Hey you never know maybe they will make footfalls unique? And have the outline of the weapon model as footprints. Calling it now!
  11. Oh god, please no. Pleaaaase no. Don’t fall into the trap of making it worth a set. If they want to make weapons dyeable , then go make your next blc dyeable . Are you saying all those back pieces that are dyeable should be legendary now (because the old ones you couldn’t)? We got flappy wings, does that make them legendary? This is a slope. Just make 16 unique weapons (I don’t care how long they take) and make them with creativity and passion. I might have misunderstood re-reading but yes, if they continue doing let’s add another set! Let’s add more legendaries . This cancels ascended armor and under. Because everyone who has played more than 200hrs will have most QoL armor and weapons in game. And your game will be dog poo poo. Because any boss they fight will be for loot that is irrelevant. Let alone not needing any materials. Unless it is to skin something. And eventually that will die out once the character is looking the way you like. I drive or motivation will be in this game. This is why I lost 100% interest to doing any content with loot. It’s meaningless.
  12. I DON’T hope they are cheaper. Because it is nothing but QoL and makes the other legendaries worthless tbh. Because then you can just reskin, restat, and re rune the whole thing at your “cheaper” price. Eff that IMO. For someone who has collected at least 1 of every weapon and worked hard to be on par with some “cheap kitten sloppy idea legendary” . Not happy. Don’t be lazy and make real legendaries anet. Ty. go put this aurene in a blc loot box.
  13. Why do strikes? It is a grind for some gear and crystals… get weekly chest that CAN (probably that sub .1% drop rate) get a precursor. And brainless other than bone skinner… which is pretty brainless the, but many people can’t do basic mechanics or dodge. And whisper which is just a group hoping they don’t have the person running in circles and playing jump rope with spikes. you get “extra” chests for beating the boss fast which = 1 more unid maybe? basically the loot is garbage like lot of the rest of the game. If you have 10 friends and want content, strikes probably wouldn’t be the thing to go do imho. It would better be served in raids. Because they are actually more challenging, can improve your play, and be more creative . (I.E. my guild did Q2 with 9 pylons and 1 tank.) no go to whispers or bone skinner and yah not much creativity in the bosses. Anet said strikes would be like a stepping stone into raids… buuuut, now they realized no one can lose to raids, people are maybe happier? Because like in most content now… nothing can fail. (If you are somewhat prepared before the event). What fun is winning 100% of the time. And lot of strikes is that. Raids? Not so much . Things go wrong from time to time and can cause incidental accidents and cause some laughter. But strikes? 100% easy clear . Or 100% frustration of being in a group that cannot get basic things done (again my opinion). So is it really a stepping stone into future raids? Sadly I dunno. Loot is the best thing about bosses. Getting that juicy reward for hard work. And this game to be honest. Is kitten at it. .0000001% infusion drop. 5-10% maybe for ascended. And 90% unid or worthless exotic. And now even a bankful of ascended is meaningless to a veteran with legendary. so this is why I don’t do strikes. 1. No challenge. 2. no meaningful reward. And next strike that goes out what you going to do to make it “replayable” put a grind fest to a certain skin collection? Lazy and probable. Just like the runic set (I believe it was). This is the answer for everything and is boring. Grind this for this new set. Keep Grinding for a less than .00001% chance infusion that you may win the lottery. That’s all it has been and was hoping for a change in end of dragons. I hope it comes .
  14. They already do. There is an option for HoT / PoF / EOD for $100 I think (Deluxe set + them) so basically hot and pof for $20. If you can’t afford the extra $20… then yah you be waiting for years. Ask your parents for a little wary bday present or Xmas present.
  15. Agreed. Basically it’s like you robbed the dragons lair… aka our friend… and stole all of its weaponry and said AHA!!! We struck all the legendaries in the world from this dragon. Booooooring. sloppy. Not creative. Undesirable.
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