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  1. Hey you never know maybe they will make footfalls unique? And have the outline of the weapon model as footprints. Calling it now!
  2. Oh god, please no. Pleaaaase no. Don’t fall into the trap of making it worth a set. If they want to make weapons dyeable , then go make your next blc dyeable . Are you saying all those back pieces that are dyeable should be legendary now (because the old ones you couldn’t)? We got flappy wings, does that make them legendary? This is a slope. Just make 16 unique weapons (I don’t care how long they take) and make them with creativity and passion. I might have misunderstood re-reading but yes, if they continue doing let’s add another set! Let’s add more legendaries . This cancels ascend
  3. I DON’T hope they are cheaper. Because it is nothing but QoL and makes the other legendaries worthless tbh. Because then you can just reskin, restat, and re rune the whole thing at your “cheaper” price. Eff that IMO. For someone who has collected at least 1 of every weapon and worked hard to be on par with some “cheap kitten sloppy idea legendary” . Not happy. Don’t be lazy and make real legendaries anet. Ty. go put this aurene in a blc loot box.
  4. Why do strikes? It is a grind for some gear and crystals… get weekly chest that CAN (probably that sub .1% drop rate) get a precursor. And brainless other than bone skinner… which is pretty brainless the, but many people can’t do basic mechanics or dodge. And whisper which is just a group hoping they don’t have the person running in circles and playing jump rope with spikes. you get “extra” chests for beating the boss fast which = 1 more unid maybe? basically the loot is garbage like lot of the rest of the game. If you have 10 friends and want content, strikes probably wouldn’t be the
  5. They already do. There is an option for HoT / PoF / EOD for $100 I think (Deluxe set + them) so basically hot and pof for $20. If you can’t afford the extra $20… then yah you be waiting for years. Ask your parents for a little wary bday present or Xmas present.
  6. Agreed. Basically it’s like you robbed the dragons lair… aka our friend… and stole all of its weaponry and said AHA!!! We struck all the legendaries in the world from this dragon. Booooooring. sloppy. Not creative. Undesirable.
  7. QoL in regards to armory. —> being able to get a no stat/non-sellable copy of the legendary when pulled from the armory. Because even if you accidentally double click a weapon / armor you lose…. All it’s stats… all it’s infusions… sigils… runes etc. instead if we could get that copy put in as non-sellable / bound on account, or something where we can weapon swap easily it would be better . I get you can put more equipment tabs but even then it is a mess and feels clunky. many thanks
  8. Because I want my concern with others. And if you want to move “several” threads into one then go petition on every one of them. My point is this. Anet sees more about the “several” threads it will make an impact over the one thread that has 100+ Responses as well. And I am telling them, this is WHY I feel it is bad, this is WHAT so would wish for them to do instead of kind of think about it more. It is not a “sloppy af, now comment on me.” So if anet were to read, I want to tell them my story of what I am looking for. And not be 70 deep in a queue of many things. Trying to get out of it
  9. I know it’s been said. It’s lazy design - I agree. I know it’s been said. Rushed to get all out at one time. - I don’t like. so this is me as a legendary hunter or person that enjoys making them. what is my goal? Fashion? Amazing. Fun to do? Please make it entertaining and not Grindy to get. Sense of achievement ? Absolutely! Goal? To stand out with uniqueness. i don’t want this new “set” of legendaries. This is sloppy, no creative, and probably a bore to get. the alternative? Slow moving legendaries? Fine. I can wait. Why? Because there ARE alternativ
  10. Hell I would wait 2 years for them to come out with the set. Because… 1. You have gen 1 / gen 2 for utility - this game has become skin wars now with the armory anyway. So if they want a set put it in blc or tickets. 2. You get hyped as something new comes out. We want something fresh, and can be part of the current time of where we are in events. I.E. we go to the jade sea - then we get a trident from guild wars 1 or something that was “legendary” in its time. with armory they Need to make things more uniquely skinned I feel, because then you can make it… and if you REALLY want
  11. This is what those black lion tickets are for. This is what collections are for. Legendaries should be unique and legendary to a specific thing. The echovald forest and it’s master and back in guild wars 1 make the Luzon trident or something a legendary. Something that 1. Gives value to the place you are at. (I.W. Cantha, pod, etc) 2. Gives each weapon uniqueness and background. 3. Have a mystique and wonder (like what was its purpose or something - like Balthazar’s candle as I call it) , or Chuka, discovering it’s story. this is just sloppy and okay all the same
  12. 4k gold is a valid price? Ummmm, okay I guess you're in the rich part. Considering that is 2x the amount of legendaries. Not to mention I see people on daily basis trying to scrap 100g. Which is half of one of these items. I don't mind playing the game that's what I did to farm out runic set. I enjoyed the strikes. But to say oh go have fun in farming 4k gold for a set of weapons, ummm that's far different.
  13. Rant time! Sorry for the rants. I get it, it's going to be petty but perhaps it might make a deal.Anet why do you do this? This weapon set is an achievement? But you want me to pay 3-4k gold for this achievement? Or I can farm these missions probably like I farmed drakkar and get... 1 box in like months of farming. I get the reply "Just don't do it." / "Well if you really want it then farm it". I would love to do achievements if they are realistic. I would love to farm it if it was actually farmable with higher than .000001% drops. Aka drakkar again I spent who knows how many metas with only o
  14. So I had unlocked this a long while back probably when it first came out. Now i cannot see it on any of my characters and someone had stated that you can only do it on the character in which you started the achievement with. I have over 40 characters and don't know which one it is, as well as delete some as I use slots over and over for map completions. So ... Can this be fixed somehow? So I don't have to go on 40 toons, some in which don't have the maps uncharted and that would be such a waste. I feel it is an oddly designed thing if what the person stated was true that only the one in which
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