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  1. Did I say they'd only fishing related? No. No I didn't. I was pointing out how ridiculous it is.
  2. Less excited by far. Elite specs are what interest me most, but bladesworn and untaimed just feel bad. Fishing as a major feature is pretty lol given that it's been a staple for MMOs for ages. Plus Anet didn't even make it interesting like they did with mounts. Arborstone seems like Sunspear Sanctuary 2.0. So yeah‥ At least Lost Ark is releasing next month. So that's something.
  3. So I'm guessing... F1 - regular burst plus gun saber burst. F2 - toggle in and out of gun saber mode like photon forge The video mention cartridges, so I'm guessing gun saber skills 2 to 5 will use the ammo system. What I'm worried about now is pistol being offhand. It better be pretty kitten amazing for warriors to give up shield.
  4. Support refused to refund my gems. Told em about the Shiba texture problem and was told to post about it on the forums. Told em the Grimalkin changes isn't what I paid for, was told too bad so sad. I think this is the only time I bought gems to get mount skins. I won't be making that mistake again.
  5. Ugh, I'm gonna have to ask for gem refund for the Shiba and the Tundra Grimalkin skin. The textures on the Shiba seem to disappear on lower settings (which doesn't happen on the other mounts) and the texture quality is pretty poor on higher settings imo. The change to the Grimalkin is just awful. Time to contact support.
  6. Not gonna lie, I got pretty emotional after seeing the Shiba skin. I, unfortunately, had to give away my Shiba when I moved to another city. This is an instant buy for me. Would be funny if it did the infamous 'Shiba scream' when it teleports.
  7. MO's response is meaningless unless they fix this imo. They should refund the gems and allow us to buy the mounts we want. There's no need to get rid of the Mount Adoption License as that could be used for future mounts.
  8. I think any of the best takedowns, for me, is when some random thief interferes whilst I'm fighting and dies due to collateral damage. It's always a thief.
  9. I don't use it cause the Combat Mode mod is better.
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