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  1. If I wanted to do that I'd just play the new classes. The sad thing is, yes, this probably is the best balance since PoF. They haven't bothered to even try to balance much since then. Just like PoF they are leaving the new classes way OP so people will buy the stupid xpac. Was hoping after this patch PvP would be viable again, but sadly, this looks like a PvE game, and FF14 just does that better.
  2. I wanted to come. I was hoping for great things. But it seems they still will do anything possible to sell more of the expansion. Most of the new skill are still trait lines are still miserable to play against. Guess they really don't care much about balance and whatever they did do was just to try and show that they did something. Game still isn't worth the Charmian extra soft I wipe my butt with.
  3. PvP is dead. Just live with it and go to PvE or uninstall.
  4. I quit back in 2020 when they refused to do anything to fix sPvP. I really honestly tried coming back to play recently and since the release of this xPac, it's been proven they don't care about PvP at all. They seem to think they have an amazing PvE game ant that's going to make them money. Truth is there are many other games that do PvE better and actually listen to customers. They could have cornered the PvP market for MMOs but they decided it was to much work. Or maybe they just weren't smart enough to figure out how to do things. I'm thinking it's more the later. They downsized and they kept the useless idiots who they could pay less rather than keep the people who actually knew what they were doing.
  5. FFXIV PvP is amazing compared to the state of this game. And the idiot devs don't even say a word as to when the fix is coming. This is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen from a game company ever!! And I'm sure I'll get a vacation for calling the devs idiots, but you know, they deserve it for not saying a word about this. Maybe they should grow a pair and address their massive screw up instead of banning people for calling them out and calling them idiots like they are.
  6. What's really annoying is when these stupid PvE players come in and are told what they are doing is not a sound strategy. Then they kitten and moan and call everybody else stupid because they aren't running and killing an animal the second it spawns. Or they sit there and brag about how important they are using treb. That's why people are toxic and yell at you and quit games. They get fed up with the stupid and know they are just wasting their time. Maybe if you PvE players took the time to actually learn basic map strategy people wouldn't be so toxic to you because you wouldn't be doing something stupid to make the team lose.
  7. I honestly really wanted to come back. I've been craving some go PvP and then I come back to this crap fest. Easily the most broken complete garbage excuse of PvP I've ever seen for this game. I'm curious if the devs have addressed this and will be fixing it soon or if they are being a bunch of chicken kittens and not saying a word. I've been looking for info and haven't seen any. That leads me to believe they haven't owned up to this screw up. To even release the xpac in the state it is in was really pathetic. Let alone if they are silent and not even admitting they screwed up badly makes it even worse.
  8. This xpac has made PvP the worst I've ever seen. Good luck competing with all the other PvE games out there now that nobody wants to play PvP here anymore. Hope all the PvP players can get refunds if they bought this joke of an xpac.
  9. I figured I'd try coming back to the game to see if the new xpac made PvP worth playing again. Was I ever wrong. This must be the worst PvP has ever been. Just shows how clueless the devs really are. Have fun with the PvE in this game because that's all that's even playable now. Sad because PvP should have been this game's selling point. There are many other games that do PvE much better than this.
  10. They didn't take care of the biggest issues. Like usual they missed the mark again.
  11. They refuse to do anything about balance or cheaters in this game. Yet I come on the forums and call the devs idiots or say something bad about ANet, my post gets removed and I'm banned for a week. Just shows their priorities.
  12. The system is crap and doesn't even do a good job of measuring skill. Unless you want to grind forever you aren't really going to move up at all.
  13. Once people realize that rating in this game doesn't mean a thing you will all be much happier. I have one account hovering around gold 2 and my other hovering right around plat/gold3. In a game where you have to rely on 3-4 randoms you can't really get a good sense of rating.
  14. This balance patch just once again proves how clueless the balance team really is. They make a minor fix to a major problem and then they break 5 other things that didn't need fixing. It's been a theme now for quite a while. Until they get some new people working on balance in this game it's going to continue to hemorrhage players. I was looking for a reason to come back and this patch just drove me further away.
  15. If you decide to play DE in sPvP be prepared for a ton of insults to be thrown at you. People hate the cheese that is DE right now.
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