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  1. What's the point of another beta if the specs won't be changed according to the previous one? I'm waiting for my vindication...
  2. The "uptime restriction" just seems like duration with extra steps to me.
  3. Ranger elite teaser It seems like the new spec is going to be themed around the Wardens of Echovald. The silhouette seems to resemble their armour, the warrior warden NPCs in Guild Wars used a hammer, and the teaser figure seems to be in a forest (plants on the ground, tree in the background). Anyone else seeing the similarities?
  4. As far as most profession mechanics are concerned, no matter how well they're balanced, I can at least see the purpose and the design vision behind them... except for the catalyst's energy. Why is it even there? What purpose does it serve for the class? What would be lost if it wasn't there at all? The only thing it does in practice is that it hurts any kind of boon support builds, most notably by delaying the catalyst's quickness application, crippling the group's opening burst if catalysts are used as a source of quickness. The sphere already has a cooldown, why not leave it at that?
  5. There's one pretty big upside to this: it allows for faster counting and seeing even/odd numbers easily. I like this change and I feel like it will be easy to get used to after a while.
  6. Revenant still hasn't filled the power DPS role. A selfish power DPS can work without Herald and Renegade competition, but it needs more damage and less carry requirements.
  7. With the beta test being concluded, it's clear there is not one single thing Vindicator would be useful for in any type of PvE content. As of now, the class provides about 30-31k damage per second on golem with a pure power damage build, which is pathetic compared not only to overtuned EoD elite specs, but also to classes already in the game, and even to the other two revenant elites, which still don't have a consistent power DPS build. Aside from that, the class provides zero noteworthy utility for either a power or a support build, aside from maybe Assassin's Presence which you'd bring a Ren
  8. 1. Bladesworn 2. Harbinger 3. Virtuoso 4. Catalyst 5. Willbender 6. A simple power buff for the revenant 7. Power Renegade getting a 100 dps increase from a bug fix 8. Revenant players being flat out told they're not getting a new elite because renegade is strong enough 100. Vindicator
  9. Hľadám aktívny guild hlavne pre PvE pre českých a slovenských hráčov. Hrám multiclass a postupne získavam gear pre všetky role, main banner.
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