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  1. You’d be right if the track was repeatable. I just can’t see the reasoning behind creating these tracks as not repeatable imo.
  2. So much this. I check the forums, Reddit, and also decided it was pointless to log in and sucked it up to not log in to the game, and played another game. I also keep guildwars2 twitter on notifications, for any updates to when I could safely log in. But will get less compensation of a lost day than someone who logged in for even just a second.I will say this again, not being able to log in for a day is still a day of progression lost. Especially as a festival was active.
  3. You have to realize that the intention of he compensation won't change how players will feel about it, and trying to shoehorn a rationalization of it in their faces will only add insult to injury and make them feel like you are laughing at their faces. Players who didn't log in because they thought that losing 2 gold and some spirit shards and a day of daily login reward was better than risking damage to their account now are being faced with a reality in which they would have still missed those 2 gold, a bag of spirit shards and a daily login reward but in exchange get for a free mount skin.
  4. I think I burned through 9 keys, got the glider and the tail feather. After the tenth key, I just bought the gems for the mount, which is what I wanted in the first place. RNG is a fickle mistress.
  5. Someone's been teaching the server skritt CS then! :lol:
  6. We have correspondence! https://twitter.com/GuildWars2/status/1260320620740411395
  7. NA never experienced these issues Eu has had over the last couple of days... NA never had the rollback on the 11th. Thanks for the input though.
  8. Same here.Finally getting an error code;58:11:5:535
  9. Here I am just glad that I've not lost anything I've paid for.Anything in game can be re-earned, re-made etc.Like, I know Anet are looking at giving us something for the disruption, which is really sweet, but it's absolutely not necessary at all. All of ya'll just look greedy AF.
  10. Dude, you were demanding people lose >3 days progress because you logged in for two hours...
  11. Same, I'm just happy I lost no items/gem purchases/ progress!If Anet feels like they want to give us something that's fine, but I'm not going to sit here and demand it. :)
  12. Logged in and efficiency refreshed, nothing missing on my account, as I didn't log in at all once I knew the servers had rolled back. Great job Anet!
  13. Only if we got more armors that are skin tight/revealing. We don't like clipping here.More customization is always better imo, people can choose not to use said features.
  14. I had to report a ranger a few months back who had atleast 2 pets named referencing racist organisations/practices/slurs.
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