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  1. I just like to fish. I don't even want the skin or anything else that it gives. I just fish. That's pretty much the only thing I've done in game for weeks now. I'm hooked! 😄 And no this is not a joke or sarcasm. I really like floating on my boat and just fish. It's relaxing and that is what games are supposed to be.
  2. Good news! You can get skyscale even if you play 15 minutes a week! It just takes longer!
  3. There already is bindings for that. Space goes up and Mount ability 2 goes down. Same controls as skyscale has. You can bind anything on Mount ability 2. Default is C I think.
  4. It's annoying when so many collections and achievements require something that is locked behind successful meta so it kinda needs to be repeated multiple times and that is almost impossible. So far I have tried it 10 times and only 1 has been success. That is way too much trouble to ask for completing some simple collection. Either the meta needs to be tuned down so everyone can complete and even repeat it if necessary, or the fluff things like collections and lore things need to be changed so that they can be completed without the meta. I mean collections like the ones that requi
  5. Yeah it got the current skin as a placeholder when it was changed into a kit. Originally it was ground deployed "siege weapon" that really looked like a mortar. :) That shoulder cannon skin would really be cool for it!
  6. It is indeed strong but also very boring to play and the huge view blocking mech is annoying. I only switch to Mechanist when I absolutely have to.
  7. Sure they are kinda useless but I still like them. It's fun just to chill and boat around on them and catch some fishy here and there.
  8. They are all called the same in my language so why not also in Tyria. We're not on Earth anyway so animals can be different and have different names. Get over it.
  9. Colors are still a bit funky. My world is often filled with neon green NPCs and black or purple ground.
  10. Problem with sandboxes is that they have other people in them. They work as single player Skyrim type games, but as MMO they always just end up being p2w and taken over by whales and griefers. Anyway that whole idea sounds like a game designed for totally different population than what GW2 is for. Would be big nope for me.
  11. But can the commander carry a coconut?
  12. Yeah that is like an exact description of Daredevil :)
  13. I'm playing with 10 year old 760 which is slower than that 680 card and the game works everywhere fine enough for me and will work in EoD too, so no worries :)
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