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  1. So let me get this straight... You are 7 years late with a feature that SHOULD have been implemented from the very start AND you have the balls to make us pay for it to get it to a point that it is actually usable? Wow, what a dirty cash grab. Disgusting. You seriously want us to pay for saving strings of at most 50 characters to a database? Are you kidding? This was free AND unlimited in GW1. I am disappointed in you, ArenaNET. Very much so. Why pay at all for a save function? Just ridiculous.
  2. I wouldn't go back. In fact, I find the pre-mount maps now more enjoyable too.
  3. First off let me say that of course, your situation is horrible and I wouldn't wish that upon anyone but we also have to be realistic when it comes to this situation and face the fact that a game that would be very challenging but doable for a person with a disability as severe as yours, is probably too easy for someone without a disability and as such not entertaining which would severely hurt the makers. Therefor, I wouldn't want ANet to oblige here. That being said, I am sure there are plenty of people out there who are more than willing to help you, including myself :) I am more than happy
  4. More GW2 as for one, this game is not finished yet. We still have Cantha to visit. Also, I don't want to start over again so I have very little interest in a GW3. But besides that, what would be the point of GW3? I can't think of any compelling reason to get GW3 and start over as opposed to more expansions for GW2.
  5. What annoys me is that when you make use of clones that they often will not attack the hostile target but rather the nearest target
  6. My listing: SkyscaleSpringer GriffonSkimmer Roller BeetleRaptorJackalDon't know where the Warclaw would rate on this list as I don't have it.
  7. Because GW2 events don't actually have all that much content so they artificially stretch it out by imposing completely arbitrary limits.
  8. Quite clearly not familiar with GW2's history.
  9. I did. Watch the video, it's not even 20 minutes long. Good luck.
  10. In any case, what has that to do with the core game? It is in the very first video. What it has to do with the core game is that HOT fixes the core game. It was badly set up and caused that your characters essentially couldn't grow. Hence GW2 couldn't be exported to different systems as you just ran out of stuff to do.
  11. God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals. The only title that is actually hard to get.
  12. Besides the controls issue as GW2 is in no way playable without a keyboard, it was also very poorly made. By their own admittance, HOT was basically a giant patch that players had to pay for. It is now far too late to bring it to other platforms.
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