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  1. It's okay for Ranked. Something like this for power This for more damage condition variant Or the Death Magic condition alternative, with less damage but quite a bit more survivability and ability to 1v1 some builds. Generally you have to be aware of high burst specs like Soulbeasts, Virtuoso, DH, Willbender (especially). Herald too, but they are not that bad with weakness on.
  2. https://gfycat.com/flawedunnaturalafricanclawedfrog I mean, have you people even played this game before commenting? lmao
  3. If you have hands GnG uptime isn't any issue anyway, especially in PvE. DTrigger stuns in AoE, you get immunity to Blind, Block/Aegis, 25 might during the channel and going into DTrigger procs your sigils so you can have Intelligence sigil on for your 100% crit chance. Should it make you breakfast and tie your shoes as well?
  4. I don't think Shouts will get nerfed, at least not yet. My bet is that; 1. DT#2 bug with 3s cd will get fixed, reducing Bladesworn mobility and escape capabilities 2. Middle GM Might generation will be reduced 3. Barrier on last ammo round trait will get a 1s ICD.
  5. Fun is subjective. Unga bunga 300k hits are fun for me and there isn't much in PvE stopping you from doing that as me and Jzaku have stated. It's easy to pick up and play, operates on logical priority system in PvE and decent depth with positioning and timing. Can be improved or made even more fun, but to me Bladesworn is the most successful elite design out of EoD.
  6. It's not bad, DT#2 and saber #5 allow for very good mobility and what you lose in DT uptime on jungle dragon head slams you make up by being able to cleave mobs and giants with dragon triggers. Even Slash outranges the goo they spawn. And you can instantly kill adds that spawn from edges with precharged slashes. At first I too thought that BS would have major issues, but turns out if you know the fight and the boss itself doesn't move too much randomly you can plan around it and pull ahead. DE meta should arguably be even more annoying for bladesworn, but it really isn't. You can con
  7. If we talk about the new Strikes the only place where I saw power Berserker doing better was bits of Strike 1 because Bsworn doesn't pack much CC. Every single other encounter I did better or on par with power berserker as Bladesworn. It really is a case of just knowing the fight and playing better. Maybe things change in CM, but for Normals you have all the tools to perform well.
  8. It's really not that bad. Some clever positioning and you are fine 90% of the time landing damage in PvE. Cleave is also quite massive and you are far more mobile than likes of Berserker - using DTrigger just for a quick uncharged #2 puts it only on 3s cd and doesn't consume flow. I saw people complaining about Bladesworn in Strike 4 or DE meta, but from my own experience I have higher uptime than on Berserker because of the mobility between sides of the platform and ability to pre-charge Triggers. Also, having on demand Aegis and Stability allows you to cheese some mechanics other Warrior spe
  9. I can agree with many points here. Especially with moving the unblindable part away from DT to baseline in some form and Resistance is a good way to do it. I don't have a problem with BS traits in general and I wouldn't do much to them. There are only two I'd significantly tweak and that is the Daring Dragon and the middle adept trait. The latter suffers the consequences of not having access to regular burst skills, because normally you would think Warrior has no problems getting procs of it, but normal Warrior builds run Greatsword most of the time that supplies frequent movement skills
  10. I'd love collectible reskins for gunsaber to earn in game.
  11. GW2 forums in a nutshell omegalul
  12. You can also play a minionmaster if you find the bar of pressing 3 different buttons too high. You do you. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKgAcqlFwUZKsEWJO+WexVA-zRJYiRzfYElAVFg50IgXLA-e I used this for all the story content, maps and first two strikes. Swap heal or stomp for condi clear if necessary. There are 0 issues with generating flow quickly for the go and halt type of open world combat. For longer combat like bosses you can drop Stabilizer because flow becomes a non factor anyway. You can use the heal as you enter combat to get extra flow.
  13. For open world, take 3-2-2 traits, open up with pistol OH combo, swap to saber, use Flow Stabilizer two times after adept BS trait triggers, you now have enough flow to do max DTrigger in about the same time as it takes power berserker to get going. Flows really nicely. Might makes Right/Undying Dragon for sustain if you need it.
  14. I think if the Bleeding part of both Dark Pact and Life Siphon were on enemy it would feel better. I.e. Dark Pact applies Bleeding to the enemy directly and Life Siphon deals more damage and heals more when used on Bleeding enemy. Alternatively, Dark Pact makes Dagger autos apply Bleeding temporarily to the target enemy. If we wanted to preserve the "Pact" theme in the second instance Dark Pact could make both yours and targets autoattacks apply Bleeding to each other. This both leans on the theme and plays well with Necromancer and Daggers because of condition transfer.
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