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  1. It seems that every time there's an "underwater" part of the story, or "cave" near initial crash site that has lots of those white-shimmery-crystals my Gigabyte 3070 revs up to 80C and has all fans blasting at maximum. Looking at other parts of the map or moving away from the area of the cave, or even just opening map view for a bit calms everything down immediately. Anybody else has this issue?
  2. Well, _now_ anyone who might have repaired in the past faces simple choice: if you don't kill the important stuff (not every enemy NPC now counts) or actually take an objective (as in enemy doesn't actively guard camp or something) repairing loses you participation. Basically encouraging run with the zerg, discourage going into outmanned map (if you're in severely skewed population map you're out of luck).
  3. SBI got Devona's Rest and Giant's Rise. So far reset is "filled one map and 10 man queue in EBG". Ick 😞
  4. Also note -- if you open the first chest you _have_ to exit the instance and get into a different one. If you're in the same (even if you re-enter it and get placed onto the same map) the first chest will no longer grant any progression as it will be "open". So... exit completely before re-trying.
  5. I presume the reason for JP being mandatory for Court achievement (it's still optional for overall meta achievement) is that only a small subset of people actually bothered with it. Those who are good at doing JP were just farming it for rewards (which are reduced this year) and nobody else bothered. So they're trying to "fix" it by shoving it into other achievement. Kind of like Chalice of Tears that was made mandatory for trinket achievement
  6. The Court Duty achievement (Court Duty: Gathering Evidence) requires Court Duty: Terror of the Tower -- gather 100 objectives. I can't reach even first off-side "chest" -- always get stuck in lower debris or fall off the stuff. Is there any other method to getting it? If not I guess there's no point in trying cause there's no way in Tyria I'll get anything out of that jumping puzzle Edit: Thanks DEVs, now there is an angry chest that gives progression without actual jumping. This is a great compromise -- anyone who is good at jumping can do this achieve and get glorious Joko,
  7. Basically when you place Razorclaw's rage on enemies in low level zone (Brisban Wildlands, for example) it simply doesn't do anything. The animation plays, it stands there, whirls, all enemies are chilling in the circular field it shows, and not a single stack of bleeding applied through while time it's up. You don't even get in combat. Icerazor works fine. I think it's a bug in a way we're scaled down in lower level zones?
  8. So after 4 or 5 of attempts finally killed both hounds by tainting corpses. Except game doesn't care. No dogs, but "Destroy the hounds by tainting their corpses with dragon energy" is still up.
  9. Between team "We Want More Thief Build Variety" and team "WE HATE ALL BOONS NERF NOW" the second team won. So support thief won't be a thing any more because having _two_ of them is, well, not smart. Healing is not that great and DPS is low. We'll just get swarmed with condi venom deadeyes doing 43k DPS with allies :) All while people will continue complaining about 30k condi firebrands ;)
  10. As new fractals are getting longer and longer and more and more mechanics heavy, we absolutely should have KP. I don't want to spend 1.5 hours on 100 (non-CM) because people keep dying over and over. Maybe when I'm bored and have extra time to kill. Otherwise please no. And KP is one of the ways to filter down the situation a bit.Ideally we should be able to show how many times particular fractal was finished. "Did Siren's Reef 200 times" is way better than "Did Siren's Reef 5 times" expectation wise.
  11. It would only be fun for first 30 minutes or so. Given that radius of AOE skills is rathe small it'll make "two zergs growl at each other" and "single-target sniper night" happen (while number of players per tick is limited, generally you can hit more of them when there's no stacking limitation) I think we should have "you don't get any stealth" events first. Having zergs not be able to stealth and sniping squads be out in the open would be a fun event.
  12. Yuikes. Basically you will get "people immediately pull back to objective with aura" and make this aura mandatory in WvW. Add to that wonderful arrow-cart fiesta and 2-3 people spamming dragon banner (from more than one objective) and you're basically increasing difficulty of taking objectives, resulting in "blob waits by 5 trebs until everything is trebbed down and all siege is destroyed" situation -- hardly optimal. No Downstate itself is a rather bad for anyone except 'I want to gank players out of stealth and run away if attempt fails' type of builds and encourages more and more tanky blo
  13. Same. I worked from outside map and from the pavilion. But using inside the Cliffs insta-disconnects. Using regular 'invitation' (not the universal item) works just fine though.
  14. I presume I'll have to try it again tomorrow, to see if cadence is actually 'once every 2 weeks' instead of weekly? So far everything is still locked beyond first checkmark.
  15. Mine also plays tones for each symbol, so you can repeat those by using sound :)
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