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  1. I mean, necros can LoS? Thats what they tought us when talking about the Lich AA.
  2. I think its you mate, read what ever you wrote, regarding laguange skills, it should be clear that you are really bad at it based on your previous posts. Since you are in the US server, but I doubt English is your native language.
  3. and yes team fighters tend to be more horizontally aware while 1v1ers are more vertically aware. lmao. You are basically implying that teamfighters no need to kite around the node. And teamfighters should always tf at mid on node where are less JPs.
  4. It is fairly established what? And when core symbol monkey was a thing, i remmeber people push into side nodes for most of the time. Also, you said "1.) Eu guards tend to have worse vertical and jp awareness", which has nothing to do with tf style or 1v1 style...
  5. I watched the first vid... I thought you were trolling, since you are able to 1v1 Vannss, which means mechanically you are quite good. Then the only thing left is map rotation. I think the first game you lost because of greediness. At end of the game, you were like 400 - 200 points ahead. And one point is enough to win the game. However, at a certain point, you 3v1ed Vannss at close for a while, then the ranger and you stayed and made it 2v1. It is from that point, your team get wiped at mid over and over. Then I think the correct move is, you just let the ranger duel v
  6. It overlaps the EU cup finals?
  7. Dont stay too long in a 2v1 as a healer or a tank. Leave the +1s to thief, rev, nade holo etc. (unless you are like 490 + and just need camping to win.) Dont afk on a node as a healer, push where the teamfights is happening. (unless you are like 490 + and just need camping to win.) The issue is that, for many bad players they think they are 100% correct, they do not listen to players that are much better than them. have you seen gold or p1 players question Sindrener's rotation in a match and call him a noob?
  8. I enjoy meaningful conversation. Your line of reasoning also make sense, but maybe they should do both: many people have argued on the forum that lich is not OP because players can easily LOS (I do not fully agree with this). But, apply to this case, scourges might need to think harder on their positioning.
  9. Of course there are many ways to address the same issue. But hard to say which is better. But its fine, because the next expansion will make everything worse.
  10. I mean, I am referring to that one skill that most scourge uses, its in the meta battle. Scourges have no blocks or invul, you are right. But I think the reason I am voting for removing the block part is mainly because of ressing. Think about it, scourge put down the well, and the cloud, and maybe the elite on the body that it tries to ress. Then you cannot cleave from ranged because of that 8 sec projectile block, it will also put kitten loads of condition if you try to cleave in melee range. Of course you can say that you can save stomp, but 1) not many classes
  11. So you know the name, cd, category of all the utilities? As well as all the name of the traits of all classes? Then its good for you. I do not know all of them by name, I might know their functionality, but I do not care to remember all the names. For example, I know what mirage axe 1, 2,3 do or scepter 2, 3 do, but I do not know the name. Same applies to basically all other classes. And I dont think this means I have no idea about basic mechanics. Related to this post, we are talking the meta scourge, and giving back unblock-able to slb. I admit that I made a mistake confusing the
  12. Define basic game mechanics. Moreover, the two utility used by most scourges are quite similar. And since I dont play scourge myself, I only know the functionality of the two utilities and do not know the category -- why would I if they work quite similarly? Moreover, I do not remember all the names of the traits and utilities, I just know what they are and how they work. Maybe you do not have a life so you know all the details, bravo mate, good for you. Moreover, I am not sure why removing the projectile block from that corruption is a bad suggestion. But yea, you are entitled to
  13. Maybe you can clarify its corruption instead of wells. Instead of being a kitten.
  14. Remove the projectile block of the wells, problem solved. Ok, its not well, but corruption...
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