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  1. It is legendary though. Have you ever tried getting Vision without the skyscale ? as for the process of getting it, yes it is inferior to getting the griffon and the first three step of the collection that makes you run around the same map looking for scales and eggs is very unfun because it lacks variety. However, apart from that, everything about it is casual, more so than the griffon I would say. Personally it took me around of three months of casual play to get. Nothing hardcore and it certainly doesn’t need a nerf.
  2. I can’t believe some would complain about leechers when all the content released through Champions also feature your own private instances in which you have full control off.
  3. How is that gonna change anything ? First of all you realize that shattering is not the same mechanic as using an ambush. What happens to power chrono builds and core mesmer build ? Now you’ve got a f1 core mechanic that only a mirage can use ? That is just ridiculous. Even worse, now you shoehorn every mirage build into using shatter storm because we all know that to get the maximum output damage, you will be forced to spam that f1, without any risk or counters.
  4. They will never a warclaw mastery PvE if you can’t earn the warclaw in PvE.
  5. I disagree. If a half cut IBS can deal about some lore related to the Spirits of the Wild, surely Cantha can talk about the Fire Spirit and even maybe its remaining related spirits. Cantha could even talk some lore about related to the Jotuns since the bow was infused with a scroll belonging to some Jotun tribe. And Cantha, Shing Jea in particular, did have a frozen area (that could have expanded btw) inhabited with Jotuns. Braham might not go to Cantha but it doesn’t exclude the possibility of having the bow more important than we think. Maybe some canthian traveler is looking fo
  6. Well they could still use the bow as a plot device for Cantha. It still has a huge value as a magical artifact, and it is not because SPOILER AHEAD Jormag is dead that suddenly the bow has become totally worthless, since the bow has never been truly connected to Primordius. I mean the bow was infused with a scroll from Jotun magic and there is a theory that the magic used is tied to the Fire Spirit. According to the wiki, this spirit has left Tyria. Why not have it be a main storytelling point of Cantha ?
  7. Maybe, yes. However I just don’t see that happening, unless they have some major feature update in the next expansion that requires it. So far, ascended has always been untradable and it really didn’t have any negative impact. So why now ? Need something more compelling than just saying “it will help newer players and the ones who don’t play enough”.
  8. It is just an opinion. Personally I just wanted to suggest the possibility of gaining something fractal related out of selling extra unused pieces, that isn’t just raw gold. You want to sell it to other players. Ok, sure. How are you even going to do that if ascended is account-bound ? What would be the benefit for Anet to turn ascended items into character-bound items in order to sell it ?
  9. Nah it would be better if you sell the extra chests to a vendor in the fractal lobby.
  10. You mean like the fractal infusions ? The fractal weapon skins that got released with the latest update ? The cape that got added with the latest living world update that you start unlocking after getting the first eye infusion ? The armor and the cape that got released with the strike missions ? The many weapon skins upgrades that got released with the IBS ? The rewards tied to raids ? I am starting to wonder...Do any of the people that complain about the gemstore ever got any of the rewards that I listed ?
  11. Never gonna happen. I mean they got rid of the dungeon team like 8 years ago. Even when dungeons were profitable, the content was already abandoned with no new content and no new reward, except for that one update some time ago when they added the possibility to earn an ascended trinket out of it. Fractals is the superior content in every way just for the fact it provides difficulty scaling. If you are looking for that very easy dungeon experience, fractal tier 1 is here for you. Other than nothing is stopping people from to just play with some friends without needing to use
  12. Imagine if it is polymock and the polymock pieces you are acquiring in the mobile game are tied to the minis you earn in guild wars 2 😉
  13. Nah I would say it is bad idea because it doesn’t promote group play, especially 10 man group play. Allowing the player to solo it with a bunch of NPCs really only works if the players are required to play it as part of the main storyline. What you are describing here is basically Guild wars hero system. If you want more players indulging in raids, then there just needs to be 10 man content in the game. And you certainly won’t have it if they resume the 8 to 9 months development cycle of delivering raid wings consisting of extra non important story that players can skip.As it stands, the best
  14. Do you mean to say the game has not changed at all since base game and the expectation of the player is also unchanged? Because to me it feels so much different, not just from the base game but even since as recent as LW3. I never had to pay much attention to achievements, they were secondary to the main content. But I feel like the further we go, the more that achievements become the main content. The base game having achievements as a side dish is not quite the same as achievements being the main course meal in PoF and onwards. There's nothing Rose tinted about it. And when I say achievemen
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