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  1. To be fair. Faren wasn't Mister E all the time... he was just a tool for him to use. However, maybe he is now, taken over his the mantle. From bumbling fool, to Master of Mysteriousness. Like Batman, Faren will arise from the shadows and bring us enlightment...
  2. My mistake there. Then again, we have deception vs truth and yes, Kormir is the godess of truth but she isn't all knowing. In the end, it's a possible plot thread, nothing more. Wouldn't be the first one that wasn't delved deeper into.
  3. Even if the dwarfs are walking weapons, they still got conciousness. And you just said that Odgen and Rhoban were working on better ways to fight the EDs. So what stops the other dwarfs to do the same? Your argument doesn't even disprove anything I said. Even if they don't need food or rest. They still need to regroup, fortify positions, replace and collect parts, create better equipment, make breakthroughs, etc. They got a lot of needs that constitute a society. A society of an eternal war against the minions of Primordus, but still a society that forms, based on these needs. Anyt
  4. Didn't Balthazar get help from Dwayna, using her mirror, etc.? We never got any more info on what's the link there, if I'm mistaken. We also only got Kormir's word that the gods are gone, as well as an empty underworld, when we visit it.
  5. I think odgen and the other stone dwarf we find beg to differ. They seem very much aware of themselves and don't seem to be magically pulled back into the next hole, or start digging to get back into the fight. Even the one that has been smashed doesn't try to jump out and smash the nearby destroyer, with what is left of him. Yes, they don't need to rest, sleep or anything, but they are not mindless beings. They will fight an endless fight, sure, but that doesn't mean that they won't do anything else. They got a hundred years to build some kind of society, even if it is a non resting
  6. Nah, Dwayna has still things to answer to, regarding her involvment with Balthazar. We also only know from Kormir that she was the "last to go", but Dwayna is a goddess of deception. Which is kinda interesting, because now the goddess of truth is gone, making it even easier for her to do stuff.
  7. "It's all on the table" TM Joking aside, there are problems with the analogy here, though. Aurene is actually a new Dragon, a 7th Leg to the whole thing, born by none of the Elder Dragons. She gets fed the energy, slowly growing to take over, but isn't centered. In fact, she doesn't even get all of the magic, as many is split between the others. She would be opposite of DSD now, making the whole thing very wobbly Even if she is able to take over DSDs role, centering herself, the with of the table is still a thing. There are possibilites, that a single lef can support a table like
  8. As far as we know. There is still at least one god, whose dealings may imply still having an involvement with Tyria
  9. Yeah... what could possible go wrong. Feels cheap and undeserved to be honest.
  10. To be fair. Dwarfen are aknowledged in the story, however they aren't that much more explored, after they became stone. The dwarfes, that come up from fighting Primordus did that for a hundred years and the ones we interact with are less than a handfull, which remained on the surface. These dwarfes have bearly any knowledge of what is happening down there. Odgen doesn't know, because he went priory scholar and link to the dwarfes in general. The ruins in shiverpeak and desert highlands also don't have any new insights, aside from nice GW1 nodges. At fire island and thunderkeep we
  11. Zaithan says "hello", it's "remaster", was mostly due to the overall dungeon rework, so yeah... if 8 years wasn't enough time, I don't think GW2 will ever go there. It's more likely that we get GW3.
  12. I mean, sure... As underexplained and rushed thing was, they can pull something to have him somehow reapear.
  13. There is also the thing with the animal spirits. Jormag was apparently "sane" like the other dragons. Krakaltorik went mad after too much weird magic consumption and we don't neccessary know his diet. Let's say he is more a rage emotional dragon, he can still be reasonable, etc. See the Norn. They can go wild and feel "primitive" but they are still able to use reason. Jormag also consumed several animal spirits and as we have seen, the dragons absorb the properties of the magic they consume. Either for a certain amount of time, till it's converted (That's why we had hybrids for a certa
  14. Eh... kinda... sorta... they try. The problem is, they are unable to. More so with the "Champions" update, which is just one chapter stretched. They said around Aurenes death, that they conceptulize their stories as a whole, back to back story (which was acutally a weird argument, because Aurenes death and resurection is supposed to feel weeks apart, but gameplaywise you would never leave that place), which works best being experienced in that manner. While the ingame calender does try to sync up with our calendar, the releases do have still their own shedule and own timeline. Ther
  15. I mean... They could have tried to put them to sleep, while shorting out their "champs" at the same time, preventing a fast recovery. Then again, yeah... they should have just gone with Jormag, leaving Primordus as a threat, that pushes us towards Cantha in seek of whatever. Help, Mother, Bubbles, etc.
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