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  1. Could be other human nations out there for some reason humans are very prolific. Yes that is the word think about it of the major races and other humans are the most widespread and probably have the biggest population. Actually I am confident they have. And they came from another world. I do not get why the charr have a smaller population do they not like breeding or what.
  2. seems it has issues. Will they make a part 2 beta event with some fixes?
  3. In the trailer it looked like it used a GS with rockets but what weapon did it actually used?
  4. Focus as you as a player. Like for siren reef or sunqua where you know one mistake there can kill you. How do you manage to stay alive until you kill the boss. Is there like a cheese way to do it. This are the only fractals that I still did not manage to be at least decent at.
  5. I think he did use powers from Sohothin in icebrood saga. But even so I think what attacks came from Sohothin in our fight with Balthazzar where mechanic and probably if we ever play as Rythlock he will have them also.
  6. Speaking of which was it not out of character for Primordus to have a organic champion herald? I do not get why he had one.
  7. Yeah but it is not as good of a feat of fighting 3 vs 1. By the way does having a god weapon gives a power boost? I remember that we beat Rythlock and his fellow tribune while Rythlock held the god sword.
  8. no difference in stats and yes unbound magic and winterberries is the faster way.
  9. I would not say last time Balthazaar was ganged on by Kralkatorik that elder dragon attacked everyone including the commander and Aurene.
  10. You can use any build you want you can even mix without changing gear. It it optimal no but it works for everything besides the highest of the high in end game content.
  11. Ascended I know I can but I need time for that so exotic it is but google was of no help. When I mean gear I mean armor and weapons accessories are no problem.
  12. That is the commander before Aurene. Pretty sure we got some new skill because of her like flying. Can we use those wings and fly whenever we want?
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