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  1. and I think here lies the real problem, not if some class is or isn't beginner friendly, but what we see as beginners. I hope we both (in the sake of OP's question) aren't talking about first timers that still have to level to 80. Because well, if that's the goal (level 80) and want to reach that as easily as possible, there's only one real profession, and that's warrior. It has the highest innate armor rating AND health pool, and especially that first part is incredibly valuable in the beginning of the game where you probably don't even know what that small yellow bar is a
  2. Have you clicked this link ... I mean if that's not easy ... then, what is??? The guy isnt even dodging ... doesn't do a perfect rotation and is just facetanking most of the dmg ... and this is before the Elements of Rage buff ... and btw Avatar of Balthazar is considered to be hard content by most players, let alone beginners. Really, people can complain all they like about the difficulty of classes, but when it comes to open world: EVERY single class has their beginner friendly options available!
  3. I never said it was the absolute easiest option (which is subjective btw, but hey), I said that also Ele's have their faceroll builds when it comes to open world ... just like every other class. Don't forget, open world is generally easy! It's supposed to be, it's the design of the game. Except for maybe soloing HoT champions (which Trailblazer Ele happens to be really good at, btw), most of the content in open world is really beginner friendly, with all classes!!! As long as you know how to play them: which you can actually learn by reading your skills and traits (first of all), know which on
  4. Well, you got me there, I mean Vagabond of course!!! 🙂
  5. I just have to disagree with you. You're playing the (Trailblazer) Ele wrong then. I recommend the Tempest, cause in my experience they tend to be a bit easier. Although Weaver, once you know the rhythm of the rotation you'll be amazed how much AoE damage you can do in open world. And the best thing about it is, which a LOT of people don't even know but is statistically proven when gw2raidar was still a thing: the condi Weaver actually has quite a forgiving rotation! Sure there are some key skills (like Weave Self), but missing a beat is not that punishing like say: "the Necro using that
  6. Stigma's are hard to get rid of, but full Trailblaizer gear says hi! It doesn't get much easier in open world with a full Trailblazer Ele (doesn't matter which spec, it's all faceroll!). For some kind of reason, people only think there's only 2 stat combinations in this game: Berserker and Viper, but open your eyes: Trailblazer and Marauder (and such) are really good alternatives for the so called "difficult classes" out there. It's not for nothing that their max damage cap is significantly higher compared to the so called "beginner friendly" classes! Which actually makes ever
  7. I see quite a lot of people that are probably not REAL Necro players! Marauder is a good choice for pretty much every other profession out there (especially in open world), but Reaper is the one big exception to that rule! Reaper should have enough Precision to maximize its critical chance to 100% quite easily (in many occasions (especially in Fractals, for instance)). And everything above 100% is useless!! Furthermore, Reaper has the lowest (power) damage cap compared to all other professions. That's why other professions are pretty much "allowed" to go a bit more for defence (with Mar
  8. Hmm, to make it even worse, it's not even consistent! I tried it about 100 times (using the reset skills mechanism midfight) Around 80% of the time I end up with 5 stacks of bleeding om me, but the other 20% I ended up with the single stack of poison still on me. I tried different timings (sometimes with big gaps between them), with or without quickness, but I don't see any clear consistencies there, except that Torment was always transferred (for me, at least). So real randomness, is also NOT the case! Pfff
  9. As far as I know, it's actually quite complex. I think you have to press F5 (shroud) precisely in the aftercast of the 2nd BiP. Then and only then you get the right 2 condi's to transfer (Torment and Bleed). I haven't tested it yet, but if you pause the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW9vqxZnp_w video at the exact right timing around 5 3/4th of a second, you see F5 is already in recharge, whereas BiP isnt yet, and it still transfers the right conditions. The reason behind it, I don't really know, but I guess it has to do something with the fact that Plague Sending works
  10. I always thought the next e-spec would be the absolute Condi King the Necro so much deserves and was expected to be by many people, but never really was! But, this last patch did buff the Necro (especially Scourge) quite a lot in that matter, so I'm a bit confused now what's going to be next?!? - Maybe a vampire theme where you deal a LOT of damage, but it comes with a (significant) cost. - Maybe a real Minion Master, where minions are baked into the espec (like Dadnir is also mentioning). - Maybe a completely new playstyle experience, like a Wraith where you control your m
  11. Hmmm, I'm actually really excited about these changes. I guess condi builds are going to be (more of) a thing in the PvE endgame, again!! Which is really nice. Also: Necro (probably Scourge the most), who was wildly underperforming (especially) in condi dmg in the PvE endgame will definitely get a major boost by these changes! What I do wonder now though: is how the new elite spec will pan out then. I really thought it HAD to become a condi king, for we didnt have one, so far (sure: Scourge is/was nice, but mostly support, and when taken for condi, pretty much outshined by all othe
  12. OK ... I'm not debating how skill and gear interact here compared to other games. GW2 allows players to choose from a wide range of builds that they can be successful with. Many other MMO's don't. Success threshold is low and this is why you can take "40% less DPS" builds and win. If you did that in other games, you would be crushed. This is just not true! Have you played any other MMO's?Just like in GW2, when you hit endgame content in pretty much any other MMO, you have a very wide range of viable builds available! Not to mention the fact, that pretty much every MMO has some sort of a carry
  13. At what point do people see that that's very predictive behaviour of ANY community. We are sheep after all! Follow the leader, leader, leader, follow the leader!
  14. Well, that's exactly the point here, OP is indeed asking for a non-meta build (i.e. good damage AND survivability) and I'm responding with the answer that Necro is the worst class that you can choose then! It's designed with innate survivability in mind, so you're only choices left when you want to deal good DPS, is going full Berserker/Viper: in other words: full-meta. And it's pretty much the only class that has that lack of a choice, really!And it's even worse than that, cause it's also hard capped in precision/crit-chance when it comes to the power Reaper. Taking Marauder gear instead of B
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