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  1. There most certainly is a missed opportunity here but I don't think it's core class revamping. I think that 3 years from now, Anet's going to realize they have given warrior every weapon available in the game, that they have trapped themselves into somehow making a new weapon type for the first time in 15 or so years*, or else abandon giving a new weapon to players every expansion pack. Had they not unleashed weapon master and kept making elite specs instead, they could have simply kept the elite spec traits being responsible for the corresponding weapons having skills, and in turn having elite specs that could give a weapon an entirely new set of skills from before. *I suppose the idea that Anet makes a new weapon type is actually a positive for some but I'm going to assume they simply can't make a new weapon type, they don't have the knowledge anymore to make weapon types or the opportunity to is gone without significant game breaking changes.
  2. All I have to say is NCSoft has said they want to make their games more "play to win" which I guess tends to be code for grind when it comes out of the mouth of a South Korean video game company. Is that something GW2's original design philosophy tends to be or not? If not then GW2's working design philosophy may be changing.
  3. I went from terror-stomping minor enemies with entangle + Rune of the Sunless to rooting them and then standing around like a dotard for 5 seconds with entangle + Relic of the Nightmare.
  4. Look for the swirly purple circle on the map. Should be near the southwest edge of the thing.
  5. I don't know about the other old lounges but airship and the lily of the elon did get updated with an option to return to previous location when you speak with the teleporter.
  6. I don't mind as long as it doesn't lead to an embiggened version of the constructs.
  7. I for one see no reason not to allow players to customize their experience so that they don't have to deal with such displays or resource hogs if not desired. And as gem store sales become a lesser percentage of their income due to their new expansion model, it may be time to reconsider the use of current players as billboards for their cosmetics.
  8. To which I say, enjoy your newfound wealth! Even without a new option that hides gem store items the rest of the players can already choose to see your character in a default model (lowest character quality) or even not see you at all (play solo, play in indistinguishable blobs, or don't play). No sweat, save yourself some money, you deserve it! In all honesty the current change coming down is only going to help you guys since players will be able to lower the visual effects of skills being used, making you guys stand out instead of being blanked out by an explosion.
  9. Just a difference in opinion on what the invisible status has to have to justify it's existence. I'm of the opinion that simply having it be an option to go invisible on social lists is enough, you believe it has to be coupled with disabling whispers. It feels a bit redundant to me since we can already disable whispers through the chat options but I suppose the convenient package of the invisible status is important enough for some people. Either way the imbalance of how the status makes a one way street in conversation ought to be addressed. Confused reaction removed.
  10. I can't see your point and so you got a confused reaction for this. Do you just like having invisible be an all encompassing solution to not being bothered by other players? Because if not that then... Making a goal more difficult to achieve is not more effective than making it impossible to achieve. I believe invisible status still maintains some utility on it's own, it's just not forcefully coupled with blanket whisper blocking as well in solution 2. That kind of thing is already available through chat box filtering. And yes block list is still a thing, and a good thing to have at that.
  11. Hear me out please, I actually think solution 2 is the better option. While solution 1 would work on people who stay in offline mode for extended periods of time regardless, it does not work on people who will actually change their status for the sake of trolling. Solution 2 on the other hand actually gives those who are non-abusive of the status a new ability, holding a whisper conversation while appearing offline to friends, followers, and guild members. Now I know this will result in still getting unwanted whispers but hear me out once again, we already have a solution to stopping whispers and that is changing the chat settings to not show whispers. Yes, the troll can do this too but doing so results in them being unable to see their own whisper as well, intruding on their ability to admire their handiwork which solution 1 alone could not. Meanwhile, if you turn off whispers on your own side, the troll's whispers disappear from the chat box as well, giving you space to simply move on and not feed them.
  12. Prismaticite crystals were another factor as they came around Champions as well. These things are account bound until refined into ingots using orichalcum and mithril ingots, with 2 different recipes available at this time, one using 50-50 each and one using 10 orichalcum and 90 mithril. For a while, it was actually well worth converting the Prismaticite crystals into Prismatium ingots to sell as people needed them and it took a while for a single player to accumulate the crystals needed to make the weapons.
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