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  1. just do ranked , the rank system doesn't mean anything and you will get better rewards 😃
  2. hmmm maybe the devs will have to turn off god mode to showcase these abilities , or maybe they will leave it on , and just describe what would happen if they had been playing the same crappy profession they intend to release to the general population to play.
  3. lol they will probably "fix" the other 3 to be more in line with the shittiest one .
  4. oooh I wonder if you have this and bifrost equipped together if it will lead to the super bifrost aura you used to get when you transmuted bifrost onto other weapons. At the time it was pretty overboard but compared to the crap we see now . It really wouldn't be too much at all =P
  5. I actually liked the 5 man ques. I was never in some awesome 5 person group that just stomped on everyone ( did get matched up against a couple tho ) But I did have a nice friends list that grew from it . When people played well with my build as a staff ele back before all the nerfs. It was hard to play that build with people who didn't understand how to play with you. They expected you to play someone who healed them and threw out a ton of condi clears and boons , but I played zerker staff ele. Finding people who knew what my build was good at and what it wasn't was nice. We would add ea
  6. the least they could have done was make some new downstate elite skills to go with cata =P
  7. we found core ele's trade off "Hey at least your not a catalyst !"
  8. Basically anything that comes from Sister Brenda in Queensdale about her sacred beer =P
  9. I have had luck with people building little clusters of cata and snowman out along the edges where the waves spawn and always within range of another little cluster , the mobs or Toxx spawn and try to destroy the closest little cluster to them and the other one just destroys them. we had very little seige around the yaks compared to the mid range that could still reach the yaks but wasnt near the actual circle.
  10. Ya that sort of thing is the only way to make core ele work anymore. It needs to almost be celestial baseline to function. It would be interesting to see how an un-nerfed D/D Cele Ele would be in this day and age. It would probably be more on par with the new elites. The problem was it was out before any expansions and elite classes so it was too much for it's time , but I doubt it would be anything game breaking compared to the things we have running around nowdays. I think in order for Ele to really be able to be jack of all trade the baseline of all of it's abilities need to be scaled way
  11. Sigil is supposed to add +7% crit chance , it is only adding 2-2.5% for me currently. Not in a newb zone or anything like that. Check that it is working properly
  12. I am thinking they could do something like new weapon set. or expand on the underwater weapons to make them Amphibious. I mean it seems logical parts of the expac will be underwater or around water. They gave us the skimmer underwater. The last dragon we have not seen is the deep sea dragon. It would solve their problem with Skyscale basically trivializing everything in the open world. So they could introduce new mounts like sea horses etc. Most of the zones could be in underwater but in a bubble sorta thing , or atlantis type ruins that have water blocked out with magic or Asuran tech. Anyt
  13. Meteor used to be more worth it. It dropped more meteors , they hit harder , they didn't have a target cap and the skill didn't have the red AoE ring that all other AoEs have so it made it harder to just step out of it and wait. They need to revert those changes to it. This stupid MM necro build that is so annoying when there is 2 of them + a mirage and ranger with pet used to at least be put in check when you had a staff ele on your team . they would just delete all the AI crap on a point. I cast meteor last night on 2 necros at mid , basically free cast on them meteor WITH arcane power ( whi
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