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  1. As a person who used to main Ele, I got tired of the lack of sustain and playing the piano. The level of high risk and input for same (and not higher) reward as other classes is a huge turn off. At least Tempest and Weaver had better fleshed out themes and played uniquely. They had more development. Catalyst is too limited with how you need to play to get the most of the utility skills. Skills in general are WAY too slow to cast, they should have zero cast times and feel really mobile like dagger/dagger or sword if you're gonna be melee AGAIN. Orbs duration is way too short (and forces yo
  2. The problem with the new elite specs isn't just the damage numbers, it's the thematics and level of fleshed out development that goes into these that is lacking. You can't tone down how well developed the previous elites are and you sure as hell need to be careful toning down the numbers on the previous elite specs without severely upsetting the player base. The new ones are not playing as differently or uniquely as the previous elites. They need to allocate more development and resources to these as they don't feel that different. The mechanics, weapons, skills, utilities, traits, shou
  3. Just to reiterate some important points here... Harbinger should not just focus around one single condition and it shouldn't be torment. Torment, burning, boon corruption, and cripple are a theme of Scourge. Please have the Harbinger primarily use a different theme of conditions like a buffed up Poison, Slow, and Blind (maybe confusion?). Thinking about PVP/WvW too--if all we do is torment primarily, it's not much of a threat and can get removed easily. Don't push the use of 3 different roles with Harbinger. Power feels too weak. Stick with Condi & support at the ma
  4. I'll paste what i wrote in another thread: Elixirs do not contain any benefits that tie into the of Harbinger and its theme. Shroud and utility skills just feel disjointed. Utilities need flavor and purpose that synergize with Harbinger theme, mechanics, other necro trait lines--like the punishment skills for scourge that boon convert into a theme of fire and torment. Chrono had wells that ties in with the theme of time shifting and are beneficial in different scenarios. I liked the theme of the holosmith utilities with its mechanical engineering theme of light and photons.
  5. Reaper/Scourge main here. First off, it feels like you're trying to push too many roles on Harbinger to have power, condi, or support roles; it's a weak jack of all trades. Its power build and damage is not on par with Power Reaper. You should add strike damage to pistol and harbinger shroud with much higher power coefficients. Condi build feels much more on par with an elite spec than a power build does currently. I think sticking to condi AND support is best. Replace the power traitline with some more flavorful themed traits. The biggest hands down issue
  6. And I will repeat what I said to the last person who said what you said. There's a difference between WoW and this game. Wow has a sub fee so the developers get a more streamlined and consistent stream of revenue so that they CAN spend the resource sink in creating a playable race. GW2 has always been sub free and will always have less resources to spread around for something as demanding as a new playable race.
  7. HOW is this not a massive resource sink? Tell me how they could do this without making it feel half baked. So you're going to be locked out of all previous skins/armors? A dev replied about this a million years ago on this forum saying it's a resource sink. Don't even think I'm going to go search for that response--for all I know the thread has been archived and gone when the forums were revised. Anyone else remember what I'm talking about?
  8. I never post on these forms but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY--GET THIS IN YOUR BRAINS, THERE IS A 1% CHANCE A NEW PLAYABLE RACE WILL EVER BE IMPLEMENTED IN THE GAME. SO STOP THINKING AND POSTING ABOUT IT. WHY YOU MAY ASK? I DUNNO, use your brain and think about how much work it would be... ArenaNet would have to retroactively make all skins, all armors, outfits, cosmetics fit a new race model and that would NOT be worth it. We're talking THOUSANDS of skins and items they have to tweak or redo. And that doesn't even take into the account the work needed to flesh o
  9. Getting really tired of posts like this. Grind has existed in MMOs since the beginning of time. GW2 actually has very little of it when you compare it to traditional and other MMOs. If you don't want grind, then you'd be bored in 0.2 seconds. Grind is put in to keep players busy for things that are COSMETIC and CONVENIENCE. It's your choice if you want it. STOP COMPLAINING.
  10. yeah ALL fire auras are not giving boons from skills, traits, mechanics, etc. (fire overload, warhorn skills in fire, utility skills)
  11. The very short answer is yes. It's great fun, overloaded with content, more active than it's ever been with a large player population, and the community is helpful to new and returning players. There are hundreds of threads on here and on the GW2 reddit where people have asked the same thing and I would find those and read through their tips and answers. Welcome back btw.
  12. Er...that IS how they stay relevant and motivating? Try gearing up your character with full ascended trinkets with non-core stat combos without using LS S3. Depending on what stat combinations you want to use, that feat ranges from difficult to impossible. Oh I have many times, with VIPER gear. Thats the main reason why I return to them. I know that's how they stay relevant but that's the ONLY reason. Sorry I think I didn't explain specifically what I was looking for... here you go..I think it would be nice to get an update to some of the less played farmed maps that feel dry and no fun to
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