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buying gems via Visa card disabled ?

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Consider buying gems from authorized retailers instead. The list of authorized retailers at GuldWars2.com is not up-to-date, but you can safely assume that the retailers that were selected in the -20% off spring sale of gem card codes are safe to buy from. Please note that the -20% off sale is long over, but they still sell gems at the regular price without the possible headaches of the DigitalRiver in-game store.


USA went with Amazon.com in the sale:





These are the retailers that participated in the 20% off gem card sale for Europe, so these do have legit offers:




















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Yeah having the same issue.  I just sent in a ticket for Arena Net to fix.  I have no holds on my cards on my end.  Sorta kinda hope they fix it, however,  i really should be happy a game with so much free stuff is making it impossible to shovel money at them.  Usually its the other way around where i have to shovel money at a game, and luckily have all the expansions.....though not able to buy the next xpac.


Is there any real reason Arena Net has their game locked down like fort knox?


If support says they cannot do anything it will be the only game ive ever played where i had no option to spend money, which is strange.


Oh and im not using a 3rd party purchase intermediary to spend money.  Make it easy or i dont spend, simple as.

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more whining
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3 hours ago, Sitrik.3150 said:

Do I really need to instal VPN software and buy gems cards from other countries ? because I have tried some and I cannot buy from my country ... crazy world. They really don't want money ... Anet have enough so we need to wait till they will donate players 🙂

Well since your bank need extra details no matter were you are a vpn wont work

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Its funny, i sent a ticket in, they unlocked my cards (yay) made one purchase, and then now the same errors again.  Side note, while in game wont allow me to make purchases, i can go onto the website and spend $100 with the same card no issue.  If only i could buy gems on the website....guess its better to buy on amazon rather than in game...which is strange...super strange...

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