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what is ppt?


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Hello and welcome,


In WvW, you are assigned to a server, which belongs to a shard (that's the way ANet recently named them) which is your colour.


During the matchup, your shard earns points in 2 ways :

Each time the enemy is killed ; it's called PPK (points per kill)

At each tick (when the countdown reaches zero), your shard gains points depending on the amount of objectives held, and the tier they've reached (like, a T3 keep provides more points than a T0). These are called PPT (points per tick).


Then, you'll see PPT in lots of discussion here as a generic term for everything that is objective related : taking objectives, upgrading them, escorting dolyaks and, in a nutshell, all the gameplay that revolves around objectives management.


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PPT is often looked down upon by the fight guilds. To which I say B S. It a a valid scoring system for people who do not wish to slavishly follow some commander.. It allows them to contribute to the general score while playing in the style that they have fun with. In fact, I see so many fight comms who have a Hulk mentality. ME Smash! ME SMASH!!. 

            WvW is [ in my experience ] is the closest approach to real life war/conflict. In War, luck is a factor you ignore; you die. How you align the factors in your favor is an art form the best comm use always.

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PPT is, in theory, the system of objectives that incentivize players to do certain things.  While it stands for Points-Per-Tick, strictly speaking, it is the one tool Anet has to generate conflict within WvW.  Currently, since winning a match-up doesn't actually give you anything, it's a pretty ineffective tool.


Some players still concern themselves with PPT because they enjoy the gameplay and the conflict it generates.  Some players care solely about fights and scoff at anyone who does PPT related things.  Other players group up and run in circles capping empty objectives for the rewards gained at the flip--this is called Karma Training and is not an effective way of finding fights or gaining PPT.

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