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Any way to make gen2 legendary for a friend?


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The answer is you cannot, gen 2 legendaries are made account bound. Only gen1 legendaries can be made with account bound items because the final product isn't account bound. 

If you want to help your friend out the only way is to give your friend mats or gold for them to make it. Everything else they will need to grind for themselves which isn't hard. 

Or you can go to your friend's account and do the harder stuff.

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There's no way to make it for your friend.


"Selling" the account bound components of a gen 1 legendary means making the Gift of Mastery (which requires the Gift of Exploration from map completion, Gift of Battle from WvW, 250 Obsidian Shards and a Bloodstone Shard which costs 200 spirit shards) and either the Mystic Clovers or the obsidian shards and spirit shards to make them, then having your 'customer' send you all the rest of the materials required for the legendary plus a pre-agreed amount of gold to pay for the Gift of Mastery. Then you make the legendary and send it back to them.


That only works with gen 1 legendaries because they're tradable. For people who aren't doing it for friends there's also a risk of being scammed because the various transfers have to happen outside of the Trading Post and of course there's a delay between sending stuff and receiving it back (especially for the customer, who has to send the materials then wait for the legendary to be made).


If you want to help your friend make a gen 2 legendary the best you can do is contribute some/all of the materials, or help them farm stuff themselves (which can include both the account bound and tradable parts).


1 hour ago, Salt Mode.3780 said:

Or you can go to your friend's account and do the harder stuff.

I don't recommend doing that unless you can go to their house and play on their machine, with them watching. An account which is normally played in one location suddenly logging in somewhere else specifically to farm materials for a legendary will look like an account that's been stolen, and then you risk getting both their account and yours (because it's played from the same IP address) banned for being stolen/used by gold sellers and even if you can get them back it will take a lot of time to persuade support to do it.


It's also not good practice for your friend to give their login details to other people, even someone they trust. It's really easy to fall into a false sense of security with things like that and end up giving away a password you shouldn't have shared.

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