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Slight input lag in WvW?


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Seems like everything I do has a few extra milliseconds of input lag since beta characters release. Nothing terrible, still very playable, but it's noticeable, especially on the mount using left strafe/right strafe key. I haven't changed anything else on my system and input lag is rather specific ... I'm open to it being my computer but I highly doubt it, never had an issue like this in the past and it suddenly appears after an update?

Is this alliance tests running in the background?

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1 hour ago, Heroic.9487 said:

Someone mentioned that the dx11 beta may be forcing vsync to be enabled even if it's off in-game, which can add considerable delay if you're not used to it. Try forcing your drivers to disable vsync in Nvidia's control panel or AMD's alternative

Dont think thats the case unless its random or driver specific or something. I have it capped at 60fps (cool-n-quiet), vsync enabled should have made it skip down to 30fps if under 60fps but it was just normal varied 35-55ish fps in meta boss fights.


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