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When is the DX11 beta ending?


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The elite spec beta is over actually and I thought they'd corespond with one another and thus ending the DX11 beta at the same time. 
I'd really love to use GW2Hook again, which caused complications with DX11 enabled unfortunately, and I'm wondering when the beta will be over. 
I mean it's a beta, betas are only there for a limited time or else it's early access. 
Couldn't find anything about it on the official posts by the way. So when is it over and probably worked on further?

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I suspect the plan was to enable it and see what happened. Since it didn't do anything too disasterous (like crash the server whenever someone with DX11 enabled opened a menu) they're going to keep it going and presumably keep updating it until they can say it's ready for an official release.


But there's no reason you have to keep using it just because it's available. If there's more downsides to DX11 than benefits for you turn it off again until either DX11 or GW2Hook is updated so both will work together.

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Thanks, looks like I'll revert back to DX9 because DX11 has many issues like the errors in the recent living story return event and so much more. I hope they work on some fixes before it is out of beta. 
I'll lose 100+ fps but at least the game has no issues like in the DX11 beta, oof

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