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Karmic retribution

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What’s the best zone to get karmic retribution for karma farming? I seen an old  post someone recommended sand swept isles as there is lots of easy mobs to kill along the beach for a lot of karma per hour. Any other suggestions? I’m always karma poor and looking for a good place to farm regularly . Thanks 

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Sandswept Isles is a really good location.  Not only are there plenty of easy monsters to kill on land, you can find plenty of underwater mobs to kill if you want to work on aquatic Weapon Master achievements.


Dragonfall is also a good option.  There's almost always someone tagged up for events as well, so more karma! Plus plenty of potential loot.


Domain of Kourna is a great option right now.  Plenty of mobs to kill in the southern region, and it's easy to finish the Halloween achievement Ancient Grudge (Kill 100 awakened, NOT including Awakened Inquest).  After Halloween, it's still a decent choice.

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I agree with sand swept and kourna. The inquest and awakened inquest also  drop decent loot in the form of bags and totems. plus the specimen chamber pie-event door defense will get you heaps of kills really fast.

awakened loot I’ve always been kinda meh on, but I’ve think they drop a lot of gear  if you need ectos. And I feel like dragon fall mob loot is even worse, with some event mobs not dropping loot at all.

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