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Returning player looking for raid/strike class.


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Ok, have done raid wings 1-4 but am keen to get back into it. issue is what class is the most "flexible" or forgiving in that if I die I wont kitten the team? I see many support builds and such and did enjoy Renegade but as i said, should I go into suck state and "feed",  i am of no use. Would a pure dps class/build be the way to go until I get my experience level back up? I mean I might not actually suck but one never knows....   ;)

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Berserker or Scourge probably. Berserker is mainly brought for the banner and CC for the power variant  and has a forgiving damage skill rotation. Scourge is fairly hard to die on, is useful on both Wing5 and Wing 7 (except on Adina where you are likely to use power and Conjured Amalgamate in W6).

  • W5 Soulless Horror = Scourge / BS is common unless you are mesmer mirage, condi ren RR, push druid, or tank (bad idea if returning to game)
  • W5 River = anything if you aren't supporting Desmina
  • W5 Statues = anything power really , condi works but isn't as good
  • W5 Dhuum = anything really except weaver... why would you play weaver here unless you really are great at weaver (scourge is common here , same with condi RR ren and condi Firebrand)
  • W6 CA = power fight with large hitbox, tempest is good here and just about nowhere else and power DH / power chrono / power holo is common
  • W6 Twin Largos = condi fight normally with many mirages , scourge works okay here and condi BS is playable but not necessary
  • W6 Qadim = scourge is decent here (also boon rip), BS is obviously taken
  • W7 Adina = power fight
  • W7 Sabir = either
  • W7 QTP = Scourge can pylon kite , BS is taken for banner and CC on pylon

For Wing 1-4 the places scourge isn't good are basically Keep Construct in Wing 3 and Samarog in Wing 4 with decent groups (in a slow group the condi can still ramp). Vale Guardian in Wing 1 has a +35% power bonus as well but due to the damage from the arena (so only berserker which doesn't use scholar rune will have their damage bonus from runes and scrapper due to barriers) and need for condi for the red guardian scourge isn't terrible there.

For strikes scourge is superior for Boneskinner (run blood magic) , Cold War, and Whisper of Jormag (use flesh wurm strategy).




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