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Need Help with WvW Builds


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Hi all,


I'm trying to psych myself up to get into WvW and have been inspired by some of the builds I have seen you guys post on these forums.  I've been doing a little bit of build crafting and would like your input.  


I'm a total WvW noob.  I don't even have the Warclaw unlocked yet lol.  That said, I have played a fair bit of PvP and am decent at it (gold 2-3).  I am trying to translate my success as a roamer/side-noder into builds that could work for roaming or small-scale engagements in WvW.  Here are a few I put together.  Please let me know your thoughts and ideas for improvement.  Thanks in advance!





Core War (Str/Disc/Arms):




I've seen a few of you running Great Fortitude over Forceful Greatsword.  How do you find that working?  Aside from the loss of power and improved GS CDs, you also lose a bunch of might, which in turn cripples your sustain from MMR.  It just hasn't made sense to me, on paper at least.  Have you guys had success with it? Under what circumstances?  Thanks again!

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Decent builds. However, on your spellbreaker I would take Revenge Counter instead of Magebane Tether. You're going to run into a lot of condi builds in wvw, even at roaming and small-scale encounters. You're going to need to dish it back at them. Condi thieves, condi revenants, burn firebrands, condi soulbeasts, you're going to run into a good number of those. Also, shave off a bit of that vitality if you can and put more ferocity in. Remember, a warrior has the highest base HP in the game. You don't need as much like other classes. Here's another suggestion for ferocity: Take off a couple pieces of the Commander gear and put Cavalier pieces instead. Concentration is really not that big of a deal on a warrior (unless it's a build with warhorn). It's nice to have, but us warriors really consistently only put out might, fury and swiftness and not much else. We're not guardians and revs on that end.


And Great Fortitude, I use it with non-GS builds. More often than not, glass cannon builds with something like Axe/Axe + Rifle that don't depend as much on might. Something like Axe/Axe + Rifle, you really want to maximize precision and critical damage as much as possible since both weapons have volley skills that hit multiple times as well as lethal F1 skills. Forceful Greatsword is simply too good to pass up when using a GS, though. What you got going there is perfect.

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Welcome to the darkside, CTS, we have cookies.

Those two builds are solid. You may want some stability somewhere. If you don't want to drop a utility for it , then Brave Stride works okay. I love that they used my idea for that trait, but I'm still sore about CMC putting a 10s CD on it in competitive.

Brawler/Fighter runes are probably what you are used to using from PvP, but there are a LOT more rune options to pick from. Take the time to toy around with them. Antitoxin runes are nice even on a power build. They'll cleanse an extra condition when you use a condi clear, like the sigil and Brawler's Recovery.

Great Fortitude ends up being more overall stats than FGS even with a greatsword equipped if you have high enough base power (as in an extra 660 stats instead of 240). That is a large amount of extra vitality and ferocity. FGS is just one source of might, you can build plenty more into your build from food, sigils, utility skills, and runes.


Some tips, both for the mode and for  build crafting for it:

You'll encounter a large variety of skill levels. You can utterly wipe the floor with the first 10 people you see only to have someone wipe the floor with you the next fight.

You'll encounter an even larger variety of builds. More stuff works in WvW than in PvP, so there is more build freedom especially while roaming. Because of that you'll always find yourself in a situation where you'll lose a fight because you didn't take enough condi clear, stability, dps, or sustain. You'll change it out, and then encounter a new counter because you swapped out the thing you needed for it 😕

In general you want to take some condi clear, Mending + one other usually (CI, SiO). You need at least 2 stunbreaks (you can count SiO as two for one, but more is more). You'll want some stability. This is a game mode where it is 100% fine to fun full glass cannon and memeflame people to your little hearts content, but in general you want tankier stats, which is what you have up in those two builds.

The time scale between fights can be long if you are solo roaming. It can indeed be 5 minutes before you find another player to fight, but that means Defy Pain and Last Stand can still be useful in WvW despite the 300s CDs. In fact every Spellbreaker Duelist I encouter at the duel spots tend to have them both still.


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7 minutes ago, CalmTheStorm.2364 said:

@JTGuevara.9018 @Lan Deathrider.5910 Thanks, guys! Great feedback! 

NP. Like I said, there is a lot more build leeway available to you, even Condi Zerker. So, take the time to toy around.


One of the better Warrior Roamers I encountered was a condi zerker running Rabid stats mace/shield +sword/torch with Defense Top/bot/mid.

Guy would kite with mace and shield blocks to reflect all your projectiles, then Skull Grinder you in melee when you came close (and yes he'd time it for the end of the dodge roll). He then would swap to the sword set and pressure you with the torch skills and sword AA. He saved Flaming Flurry for counter range pressure rather than used it offensively, so you'd get hit with your own projectiles as well as his.

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7 hours ago, CalmTheStorm.2364 said:

@JTGuevara.9018 @Lan Deathrider.5910 Thanks, guys! Great feedback! 


No problem! And _remember_ : unlike in spvp, you are not restricted to amulets. You can mix and match stats as desired. There is a lot more build diversity in wvw. It's one reason I migrated there permanently since spvp is basically a sunken ship. You will see all sorts of warrior builds, more than you ever saw in spvp.

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There is plenty of build that work on WvW that may not work very well on sPvP. I played more WvW years ago.

As @JTGuevara.9018 and @Lan Deathrider.5910 pointed here. And I want to add is that you gonna play with many build on WvW. There is group: squad or roammers; builds and solo builds.

Example:  Yesterday I was playing with a my SB with a Squad build, the  main purporse of this builds is not kill fast, but remove boon
and them try to kill. I meet a Thief and I could not kill him and he could not kill me too. I  have Guardian Healer at my side. He laugh about us. But our build was not focused for that, so I didn't have CC,Rampage nothing that could help me. This is one of Spellbreaker  for WvW and depend on the fight I change a little things, or I entire change to another build.


WvW allow you to test a big range of builds. Feel free to test it.
I never used Dual Axe + Rifle. Rifle until my test seem hard to implement. I'm trying a build far from berseker gear.

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