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Untamed Extreme CC and Recharge Reduction in PvE; Demonstrative Video


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Password Protected Video - Dailymotion

I apologize deeply that this video is password protected; Dailymotion has no options to make videos public unless you become an authorized content creator. The password to watch it is guildwars2

The point of this video is to demonstrate the extreme Crowd Control potential that is accomplished with the Untamed through use of the trait Fervent Force. Fervent Force reduces the recharge of ALL skills by four seconds whenever striking a foe with a Crowd Control ability. This trait has only a one quarter of a second (0.25) cooldown in PvE, allowing it to theoretically trigger four times a second.

In this video I utilize dual hammers with the Skirmishing trait Quickdraw to further reduce the recharge reductions of my skills. A notable combo achieved with this trait is the instant recharge of Hammer skill #3, allowing me to use it twice in a row inflicting four separate instances of Daze, amongst other things.

The skills on this bar that inflict CC are Hammer #3 and #5 as well as utility skills #7 and #9. The important thing to note while watching the video is the continual chaining of these abilities to inflict constant, massive CC, as well as the extreme recharge reductions on powerful abilities such as Forest's Fortification (the elite skill).

Ultimately, this video is to demonstrate a playstyle that is relatively unique to the Untamed and possibly unable to replicated by other classes. The damage is low because I was using Soldier's Gear and attempting to maximize CC.

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