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What should I salvage with what?


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They're not impossible to get, they're just available for short times. Looking at the gem store history for each kit on the Wiki they're not predictable but should be available again before April 2022 at the latest (the earliest would be sometime in November).

I asked a similar question last week and you can see all the answers here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/103967-when-to-use-each-infinite-salvage-kit/?tab=comments#comment-1501754

The short version is Copper-fed or Basic kits for white and blue items, Rune Crafter's for green, Silver-fed, Mystic or Master's kits for rares and Black Lion kits from login rewards for exotics. (Don't buy Black Lion kits, it's not worth it.)

I've been using Mystic Salvage Kits for everything for years, I'm now considering the infinite kits because I'm close to running short of mystic forge stones but if you've got enough stones from login rewards (again don't buy them, it's not worth it) I think that works out as one of the cheapest kits, especially if you use it in conjunction with a Copper-fed or basic kits for less valuable items.

If you want to get the absolute maximum profit from each item it can get quite complicated because it depends on the market value of materials which is constantly shifting, but I prefer to keep it simple. I'm actually planning to just get the Copper-fed and Runecrafter's kits and skip the Silver-fed so I don't need to use 3 shared inventory slots.


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The premium kits are worth it if you can get them. They are great to use in a shared inventory slot.

Rune Crafter oddly enough is less expensive per use than the silver-fed one.

Simply put though use the color of the salage kit for the same color of gear, there are other details but this is the simplest way to think about it.

You can get salvage kits for karma from the Living World heart vendors. Use those plus a Mystic Forge Stone to get a mystic salvage kit without spending gold on it. Use that for salvaging ectos, golds, and yellows.

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You probably don't want to buy many Master's salvage kits. As was spoken above, you would want to combine 1 basic, fine and journeyman salvage kit with 1 mystic forge stone to create a Mystic salvage kit, which is cheaper than buying the equivalent for the amount of uses you get. Save the mystic salvage kit uses for rare+ gear, and use basic for anything less if you don't have the copper-fed kit (but trust me, you should if you can convert enough to gems to do so)..


The only reason I do this, is not only that you get a chance of better items from the rare/exotic stuff, but having the 80% chance to salvage from the rune/sigil as well as the 25% rarer mats (you can get mats for crafting Vision crystals salvaging 80 exotics) is really nice to have esp. for those qualities. Because of this, master/mystic on anything less than rare is not worth wasting the uses.

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Yes I tried mystic salvage kit, I have some forge stones, but i wonder if its worth it, its completely the same as master salvage kit, but I don't know what forge stone can be used for anything else, if only for mystic salavage kit, so I suppose its ok then.

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