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Play Assassin Style for a Break from the Usual

Crab Fear.1624

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It aint optimal, but it hits hard, and with a little strategy and skill, you can have a shrill laughing blast.

Dont try to duel, just hit them gank, them cluster bombs, and save the stunbreak to run away like a coward.....assassin style.

Don't let your pride in personal skill deprive you from having some fun from time to time.

Play the build and report back with your K/D ratio best.




currently at 23-0 as a best


I mean for PVP, but i posted here because it will get moved or "nerf this" replies lol

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52 minutes ago, Crab Fear.1624 said:

Im not certain what the signet of power is.

Signet of power

Thief trait in the adept master critical strike line

Reduces the cooldown of your signets, and gives a passive "on kill" effect.

In your case, assassin signet would give might on kill, and Agility would give some endurance.

 Useful to reduce the CD for your agility signet, but I would think the other 2 traits would be better for this kind of build.

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