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Drizzlewood Coast remote charge

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Not only the Remote Charge do less to no dmg to structures, but the Granade Shot (tha charr tank skill #2) also do less to no dmg to the Ruinbringer shields'. 

I don't think the siege equipment will be more useful, the flame ram has very long cooldown,  other siege equipements are too expensive and mostly do dmg to mobs not the structures, and you have keep re-placing them as you move into the base. Killing mobs is a lot faster than using siege equipment.


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Confirming above with what I've found

For both South and North meta,
EVERY siege weapon (Flame Rams on gates seem to be an exception) and waystation gadgets (EMPs and Remote Charges) aren't dealing siege damage to structures. Only the siege turtle skills are able to deal siege damage.

This applies for the Frost Citadel gates as well.

Remote charges, siege weapons and Charr Car skills don't deal siege damage to the Ruinbringer's shields as well, with the exception of Charr Car skill 5. This part gets slowed down a lot especially since we can't bring the turtles into the tank room.

As of Reset + 1:30 today, this is still unchanged.

Please address this, the fact that the beta characters are essential to progress the meta with this bug is rather harrowing since beta characters don't get to keep the loot at all.


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Noted this on Tuesday and submitted a bug report.  It now takes far too long to take down gates, tents and turrets so making it difficult to clear the camps in time (impossible if no one has flame rams or a siege turtle).  I'm hoping this is a bug and will get fixed, rather than a deliberate act to necessitate using a beta character / siege turtles .  As we had to put in mastery points to obtain the portable way stations and level the charges, making them useless is unfair and needs remedying ASAP.   I play this area nearly every day as farming level 6 ingredients and clovers  and this has spoiled it.  

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