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Constant maps change request and no mastery points awarded

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In the last couple of days I have noticed an excessive request to change maps and yesterday it was almost every 5 minutes for a while and I have noticed that myself and my son are not getting mastery award points to be able to master other things in Path of fire (IE Raptor mount Canyon jumping has been ready to master for a couple of days) I even played another character exclusive to same spot my other player was and still could not gain any more award points ant help here would be great.

I would attach a screen shot but there is no place to do it 

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  • Head Hunter Six.9801 changed the title to Constant maps change request and no mastery points awarded

Mastery Experience & Mastery Points are different things.

Master Experience you get just by playing the game, doing events, killing things, etc. As you are training a Mastery it fills up the experience bar until it's full and then you can "Master" it by spending Mastery Points.

Mastery Points are available in multiple ways. You can complete certain achievements (look at the achievement panel for the Purple Star for Path of Fire Mastery Points) or by finding Mastery Points in the open world (usually a big column of light, or a greyed out Mastery Point symbol on the map). Those are the points you need to fully train a chosen mastery.

I recommend checking out the GW2 Wiki on Masteries for further details as well as lists of Mastery Points that are easy to get.

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4 hours ago, Head Hunter Six.9801 said:

we are following the story line but we are not getting the points so we can master things

You mentioned playing another character, so I'm assuming you played the story once already?

Mastery points awarded by story steps are actually not awarded by the story steps themselves, but by achievements tied to finishing the story steps for the first time (per account). If you have done a story on one character and won the achievement point for it, you won't gain another by playing the story again on another character.

Training raptor canyon jumping is probably the biggest bottle neck in all of the PoF mastery progression, not because it is actually difficult to get the points, but because you need to know which of the many points you can see on the maps or in your achievement list are actually reachable without canyon jump or any of the other mounts.

Story alone will not give you enough points to progress beyond that step. Check the Crystal Oasis part of the achievement log for achievements that award mastery points. Some of them just require you to reach and channel them (which is easier said than done, as even the Crystal Oasis has several that require advanced mounts to reach them), some require you to take part in events or finish collections. You will have to look around to find the ones you can do without advanced mounts, but there definitely are more than you need to train your next mastery.

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