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You all were stingy with the Lunar New Year


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On 2/15/2022 at 8:15 AM, Metaljaw.6437 said:

702 Divine Lucky Envelopes opened.

600+ MF

17 Ornamental Golden Trophies 

What did you all do to the loot tables???? This used to be a nice way to build up some gold for the year.

Not to mention the lack of lucky envelopes from black lion chests this year too.

A few years in a row, I felt like the only person who made negative income during Lunar Year. My dropluck is a bit weird in GW2 in general. I know I am not allowed to say that, call me tinfoil hat all you want, I do not care. So  I decided to not give a kitten a few years ago and only run minimum risk. Which means I only open the Envelopes I get from dailies (blue), the token-exchange (token + 90s) from the dailies/celestial challenge and 3x daily from guild-commendation vendor.

I also do not care much about MF. For opening ~ 2x 40 envelopes, I have used 395 % MF. Did I make profit? Yes, a little pocket money. If we ever do a play-hours/account-value comparison, I expect to get the last rank on this board. But I honestly could not care less. The game is fun for me the way I play it.

I do not expect anything from the RNG. So everything I get is profit for me. If you keep that in mind, the game plays totally different. Look at a regular gauss-distribution. There are people everywhere, not just in the middle. Some can get filthy rich, some can even lose more money than they earn. The average gains are average. I am sorry for your loss and hope you are more lucky with the other events and drops.

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Opened 6864 divine.  At 969%  upgraded essence, repeated silverwaste and mf stacking with the regular envelopes. Salvaged the weapon chests (56) with silver o matic, sold ecto.   Sold food/fireworks to highest bidder. By the time I sold everything the profit was 40.8%   It's still a good way to make some extra gold but I'm pretty sure my profit from last year was around 46%.  Maybe they nerfed it or maybe I had worse luck than last year. I did not buy any from tp. It would seem with current prices a person would be lucky to break even.

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Its likely the loss of profit this year wasn't from the drop rates, but because the value of both the lanterns and the food went down, just like everything else on the market over the last year. Lunar New Year drops are now no more valuable than Halloween or Wintersday, which was never he case before.


I think its mainly because most of the obscure and valueable food bonuses like healing% are now gained through Ascended food, and the lantern prices went down because of Legendary Armory backpieces; the Exotics were once prized for being stat-selectable, as an alternative to farming LWS maps, now they're just junk.


Combine this with no infusion drops to spike the value (another oversight) and there you go.

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I opened around 80 rare (I only bought the discount ones) and 500 blue (from festival events) envelopes  with a MF of 815% this year and although I gained some gold, it did not feel a lot more than I would have made from selling the rare envelopes at 1.4g on the TP during the festival. On a subjective level, I think I did not even make more than 1% to my MF via essences and the food I could would turn out far less than the past years. At least the minimum goals of unlocking both types of back item was met.

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This year I opened 9.424 rare envelopes that cost me 8.856 golds.
I opened them with 971% MF.
Total golds I got was 13.648 so it was profit of 4.792 golds while if I sold them I would maybe arround 2.300 golds less, so opening was totally worth it.

From those I got 511 ornamental trophies.

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