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[BUG] Aetherblade Shenanigans impossible to complete

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19 hours ago, wondermuffin.9680 said:

I just completed this event, and it was not bugged. Maybe they fixed it? Or did I get lucky?


@Tidus Van Kennedy.8320It spawns quite south at Jaya Bluffs, behind the monastery. Here's a screenshot of where it is: https://ibb.co/QvCJYZq

It seems the same event occurs in at least 3 places in Jaya Bluffs, but only the one in the south that you showed gives credit for the achievement.

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Yeah, I checked the Wiki earlier and saw that someone had updated it. Previously the Wiki was suggesting the Aetherblade Ambush that takes place near the Eastern crash site, which was incorrect. I tried the Jade Mech reinforcement event and it did indeed work. Mystery solved!

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