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Please Expand Club Canach Mini Games

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I see there should be what looks like a moa racing game on the second level of Club Canach that would be like the moa racing at the Dragon Bash festival. Why put this here and not make an actual moa racing game? Also, is there a chance Metal Legion might make an appearance at Club Canach? I would love some sort of meta like the one in Grothmar Valley! I actually like Club Canach but it could be so much better with more stuff to do.

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It would be interesting if Canach developed a franchise, left someone else in charge of the club and started a Club Canach Cruise. His ship could be a traveling festival that happened on the anniversary of EOD's release.  Perhaps a small story could be involved to recreate the Metal Legion. They could have a show on a timer. 

The Cruise would have to have enough events to make it interesting for at least a week.  Canach Says and Moa Races aren't going to be enough.
Perhaps for a time you volunteer to be a server - similar to the event in Grothmar where you help the barkeep. 
There could also be a segment where you help a performer who is on stage: they may be doing a comedy, a play or they might be trying to sabotage the performance and it is our job to help influence the audience for positive results or drive the saboteur away. Maybe we spend time as a body guard for a famous performer and earn the title Body Guard. 
What if he hired Skritt to work his cruise - for the entertainment value and information they can gather. Maybe you help Canach recruit, organize and retrieve whatever intel they've gathered - intel on saboteurs and competition for the business. 
There could also be a targeting game related to darts. 
There is a lot of potential. I really like the idea of expanding on the club, or making it more than what it currently is.

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