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Dragonhunter or Willbender?


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1 hour ago, ugrakarma.9416 said:

more easy to perform "multiple hits". u dont need even berserker to have a satisfy performance, marauder is enough, if u like big numbers(and big risky, more active) just go berserker.

Could you please elaborate? What do you mean as "multiple hits"?

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1 hour ago, Aveon.3987 said:

Could you please elaborate? What do you mean as "multiple hits"?

For example use Procession of Blades(Utility) then  Binding Blades(GreatSword). They both atack are a "swirl", and execute at same time, perform lots of criticals. if u get quickness buff from the squad, its absolutely insane.

Its very easy for stack damage buffs from traits. is one of smoothest DPS class, intuitive and easy rotations.

I prefer Willbender, but its a matter of playstyle here, Willbender use lots of movements, but is more(not much) complicated to perform combos.

Are u aiming strikes/raids high dps? or open world? if u care about numbers, power dragonhunter(full berserker) is way to go, when u get used u try willbender. Use snowcrows for high numbers.  ( https://snowcrows.com/builds/guardian/dragonhunter/power-dragonhunter ) for group content pve don't care about survival, ur group will bring heals.

If u aiming cheese open world, use marauder dragon-hunter, u will solo almost everything.

If u feel bored try Willbender.



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14 hours ago, Aveon.3987 said:

Wut does that mean?

WB does decent damage until it stops when u get killed :) it bend the knee to anemies very well,.

IT can work well in pve on a meditation build with a GS for optimal results (myself prefer hammer for KB and CC), but WB is just a slightly improved core guard, imagine WB between core guard and DH in terms of performance, but more close to core guardian wich just some diferent flavour on how F keys work.

Issue with Willbender is its utilities that are ment to be to fist focused putting that class more in danger than anything else, WB works well on weak mobs but not much on more advanced fights if one uses its utils, DH is way way more safer option even if u want to run non meta build just for fun.

WB utils are awfull... players use WB just for the F keys boons...WB could be way better....  they are a free kill outside pve if they use WB utilities  lol... kinda the joke of wvw if u spot one with WB utils... yeah 90% that will be a  effortless kill.

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Personally the dragon hunter is more balanced. Perhaps the willbender may do better in grouped content when you rely less on your own personal sustain (e.g someone else can cleanse) but it is simply lacking the sustain that a DH has. 


I feel the DH is just much better with balance and has many more “oh crap” buttons without zipping about. The virtue 2 leap is pretty awesome as well as the virtue 3 blocking barrier. Throw in traps for CC and breakbar. It’s capable of burst, ranged, controlled movement, temp face tanking / cheesing (virtue 3), the bow adds a whole extra set of moves vs the 2 from sword so there’s also more versatility. It’s all just well designed. Good enough movement, good enough utility, great dps.


Willbender feels like the thief but lacking the stealth and blind mechanics that allow thieves to be able to survive protracted combat. More dps is good but that’s no good if you’re dead.


This may also be due to the fact I have way more experience with DH.


Willbender is good but DHs are just too useful and well balanced. It’s proof of the thing that utility is way more useful at times than pure dps. 

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