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Reaper Build for OW


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I made a comment on another thread that I felt Reaper was squishy in OW compared to Harb and was told I probably have the wrong build and/or not playing it correctly.  I believe I was using the Power build on Metabattle.  Which build and Armor/Wep sets would be ideal for Reaper OW? Condi?

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Pretty straightforward for OW, reaper shines with power with the high cleave and 100% crit.


Gear: You can slot in some marauder or dragon gear instead of berserker if you still feel squishy, but once you get a feel of your skills and positioning the 19k HP (+ the shroud health) in zerker gear will feel more than enough, and with this build you have 92% crit without foods and any external buff, plus 600 free ferocity and permaquickness in shroud, while autoattacking you quickly pump your might and enemy's vuln to 25.

Runes/Sigils: You can use scholar runes for better DPS if you are in a party that makes up for your lower precision with fury/spot/etc. If you run solo I feel eagle runes are more self-sufficient. Sigils are DPS oriented of course, you can also try strength to ramp up might faster, or air/fire to proc more hits, and so on.

Skills: You can swap spite signet to something more active (grasp) or defensive (stunbreaks, spectral armor) depending on the situation, and CTTB for golem for more DPS, although I hate when minions get stuck fighting somewhere so I use CTTB and warhorn for breakbars.

Traits: not much to say here, standard power DPS traits. Decimate defenses is an alternative if you need more crit when using scholar runes but I don't like that it needs ramp-up, most OW mobs die too fast. And soul eater is good when you are out of shoud waiting for the 10 second CD and building up LF again in close combat.

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This is what I run in open world. 

If you want more boon duration add more Diviner gear but I like a bigger lifeforce pool.
Fireworks/Surging runes are an option if you want that instead of Pack.
Sigils are up to your tastes if you feel you want more cleanse, dodges, boons, lifesteal, etc.
Skill that you don't want to change is Well Of Darkness with its damage and utility. Spectral Walk is a good skill for perma swiftness and more importantly its lifeforce generation and cleanse. Weakness and chill are conditions that I hate to see  which is why I prefer Spectral Walk over Spectral Armor. Last slot goes to Well of Suffering for well alot of damage but it is easily replaceable for Rise!, Well of power, Suffer, Spectral Grasp or Signet of Undeath. Your heal skill is up to you and your needs there is no wrong choice here unless you need alot of condi cleanse. I prefer Chill to the bone elite for a cc and good uptime on stability in combination of shroud 3.

If you look at traits you will notice I prefer going more hybrid with dps, boons and lifeforce generation rather than full dps traits as if find open world dps requirements to be rather low and going full dps with traits to be very unnecessary. The goal is to maintain Reaper Shroud as much as possible with a combination of Dread, Fear of death and Chilling Victory by spamming Infusing Terror and Terrify and killing alot or by just spamming skill 1 in shroud to trigger Reaper's Onslaught. Remember that Infusing Terror also reduces damage if you choose to maintain it but make sure to consume it before the time runs out for the fear and lifeforce. Make sure to combo with your fields and shroud 2 and 4. Shroud 4 in a darkfield will steal life for sustain and a leap in your ice field will give you Ice Aura that will reduce the damage you take and chill anything that touches you. maintaining some chill is important. You still have to dodge heavy attacks to conserve your shroud. When you exit shroud you should have some quickness left over for you to use your weapons skills to generate shroud back and use your heal.  Make sure if you drop ticking AoE skills to line it up with entering shroud. If melee is sucide or not possible then Axe/Focus is there to help you and will also remove boons which I personally like more than Warhorn. 

use whatever food you like but more importantly look at all the options available to you so you can tinker with your own build.

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The condi reaper. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwAEtjjVYKMPccV+bqA-zRZYfRMzMY2oAKl4igKLgOTgOCBfGA-e
Gear isn't 100% accurate, I don't remember in detail but you want to be very close to 100% bleeding duration.
That is simple : chill procs bleeding + vulnerability + might, blind procs chill, fear procs chill + quickness/fury. Also Curses grants a lot of precision and so helps power damage.

No particular rotation for OW. Well of darkness is the main utility skill, then Nightfall, swap to DS (sigils), scepter for alone target or range, etc.

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