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  1. I'm still offended by the fact that there are still no Mad King skins for skyscale, beetle and warclaw in 2021. Yes Mr. Arenanet Staff, I know you are reading this post. Absolutely offended!
  2. I had your exact same problem, red themed set for PvE and blue themed set for WvW, dyeable nightspeaker backpack, but only one shared glider dye between the sets. There's no solution. just like there's no solution to older back/glider sets where you can dye the glider but not the back. Something something very old monolithic spaghetti code no one dares to touch, something small indie company, please understand.
  3. I'm one of those necros. Speed rune is a godsend for a slow class like ours, and you only need the SoS trait to make it work like a charm even outside of spectral walks (basically giving up only on unblockable staff marks). Everything else can be traited for damage, if the necro is not a solo roamer they can go full offense without blood magic (with spite) and dish out huge DPS, boonrip, chill/cripple and 100% crit chance. Speed rune shines especially during combat because it lets you move at non-combat speed, and going into shroud with SoS means free swiftness+autoclear all movement impa
  4. It's safe to say I could have easily farmed 3 weight sets of legendary armor, two rings and a back item during this lost rewards time...
  5. Yea I love when other teams try to 2v1 our SMC or keep, so we can wipe them both and farm their bags in a single place without too much walking around.
  6. I guess since this week has the spooky mounts pack, next week we'll be getting mad realm pack and the following week mad king pack as well, right? Right?
  7. From what I see in Gw2mists they are losing the current T2 matchup, and the KD ratio is balanced with the other two teams. So either they do less nightcapping or their opponents farm them during the day to compensate. Or they can't out-PPT piken.
  8. At least a roughly estimate of when they could give a second try to this beta would be nice, since the first beta was hyped for weeks (about a big feature hyped for years), but then it lasted literally 2 hours and then lol jk rollback, and we haven't heard anything ever since. Edit: just saw the last post on the WwW beta subforum, shame on me.
  9. I agree about thief portals, but sneaking in is OK, as long as when you exit stealth you are immediately located by the NPCs and you get a revealed debuff that lasts as long as you're inside the keep/tower/castle, with the obligatory red dot on the map. If despite all this no one comes to look for you, you are free to sleep inside the keep and try to kill the lord alone.
  10. gw2mists is a good resource for WvW builds https://gw2mists.com/builds/necromancer Making different builds for different fight scaling is important. When roaming you'll want a lot of individual stunbreaks and blood magic trait, as well as cleansing/energy sigils. When zerging you'll rely on party stab and you'll want wells, more DPS, less marauder gear and more AoE corruption. Just use runes with some movement speed, such as fireworks or speed(+SoS trait), you have a couple teleport options and a leap but really nothing else as a mobility option.
  11. EBG is the designated pug map, so it's difficult to organize a squad to take SM. Usually defenders are a big cloud and that's hard to kill if you need to siege two layers of castle and a legendary lord at the same time. When someone tags up as an attacking team in EBG, it's rare for their squad to be optimized at all, because an open tag will attract all kinds of pugs who usually don't stay close to the tag and get pulled away. So you either have a big squad that gets one-pushed by The Cloud™ because they can't stay on tag and/or can't push at the right time, or a small squad (usuall
  12. LW3e3 (Bitterfrost) is the easiest map for its map currency, because the winterberry bushes are always in the same close spot and the daily limit is per character. Bitterfrost gives you back item, accessory and ring (possibly two rings if you attune one of them) Best complementary map could be Dragonfall (LW4e6) because it gives amulet, 2nd accessory and 2nd ring, and the DF meta is one of the most lively even outside of these "return to" events. A single keyfarm+meta+champ train from DF gives you a LOT of mistborn motes, and a LOT of stuff to trade for gold on top of that.
  13. I will get to rank 10k with my mini large snowball.
  14. How can I describe this... https://imgur.com/a/Sqbbc0O
  15. A skilled player doesn't lose to an unskilled player in a 1v1 in WvW no matter the class matchup.
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