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[Suggestion] Create a Self Target shortcut

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I'm wondering if anyone else would be interested in ANet creating a keybinding to allow self targeting? I know personally as a Catalyst, the need to actually place the field down manually has caused me to mess up my rotations and die because I lost sight of my mouse when I needed a water field for healing. 9 out of 10 times I find myself casting the field if not directly on me, then basically in the same area of myself and the mob. I understand why having the flexibility to place the fields is useful, but I would really appreciate a way to target myself with a keybind to help cut down on the amount of times I lose my mouse in all the craziness of a fight.

I'm not sure if other professions may benefit from this as much, but if anyone else would like this maybe we could get it added in the near future?  Would there be any sort of issues with allowing such a keybinding to exist?

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You don't even have to mouse click, you can just hover the mouse over a UI element (party/squad info, any part of the hot bar, the target's icon, etc) and tap the relevant skill key and it will cast on your feet.

Of course your issue is losing the cursor, so that probably isn't totally helpful 😞  I share the pain in a different way:  Since I mouse move, my cursor is all over the place and if I want to deliberately move it onto a UI element or choose an empty spot of ground to place aoe (which requires not having a target since my aoe snaps to target unless my cursor is on the UI) I have to stand still, which can kill me.  My chrono healing well is a PITA to place on myself.

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Thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately, mouse clicking skills in competitive modes is not particularly comfortable for me to do. Having a binding to have on  my mouse would be a much better QoL since I could hit that then immediately my Jade Sphere key after without having to adjust my mouse around and risk losing my target or messing with my camera aim.  I will give it a try though I suppose if nothing else.

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