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Items mysteriousy Vanishing.

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I was debating whatever or not I should make this thread because I didn't know if it was in my imagination, or the game actually bugged now. Now I can say without a doubt that something is happening. Just recently, I crafted an item called Spool of thick elonian cord for the faction provision merchant in Hoelbrak. However, when I got to said merchant, the game told me I didn't have the item, despite the fact that I crafted it not long ago. The crafted item is even on cooldown as we speak, and yet the game acted like I never had it to begin with, and it's jarring. And this is just a more obvious examples. There has been another time where I bought a lot of mats for the legendary Rune in the trading post, All at once. And for some reason, there has been some mats I just didn't get.

If there is a bug, I don't know how to replicate it, and it's not like the items I bought and crafted were important or anything, but it's going to bother me that there is a potential bug that is eating your items.

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3 minutes ago, Ariurotl.3718 said:

Just to check, they're not in your material storage either? Mats get sent to material storage when you press the icon to send them there.



Even if they are, I can still buy stuff using the mat in the storage as currency. Trust me I checked.

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